ESPN Cleveland: NFL reviewing Joe Haden failed drug test

The rumors flew Sunday night based on the tweets from one person, @G_Conley. The doubts started flying around and it appeared that the original tweeter backed off about an hour later, at least from my point of view, when he stated the following.

Love seeing the power of Twitter. I have no idea about Haden. Heard it from someone, seeing if it’s true . Wasn’t trying to get panties on a bunch. Also, Adam Sandler died.

Apparently whoever @G_Conley had as a source had some good information or some incredibly powerful powers of guessing. Today, Tony Grossi and Will Burge of ESPN Cleveland are reporting that the NFL is reviewing a failed drug test.

One source said that Haden tested positive for the prescription drug Adderall during a routine, off-season test administered in accordance with the NFL’s policy on anabolic steroids and related substances.

So, as the Browns watch their first pick from the draft, Trent Richardson, fly south to get his sore knee checked while simultaneously counting the games missed by Chris Gocong, Scott Fujita and Phil Taylor, they now also potentially could be missing their best corner.

As our own Rick said in response, “That would explain why Drew Rosenhaus was at camp yesterday.”


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  • Franco Hairless

    Of course Rosenhaus was there, he’s the guy that had to fly to Cleveland fast to make sure the “Adderall” leak was spread fast before the truth could filter out: ANABOLIC STEROIDS.

  • Mike Belsito

    C’mon now. Calling heads is a bit different than randomly saying Joe Haden was caught taking an illegal substance…and then….by some odd coincidence, he did a few days later.

    Not sure how some random guy had a better source than ESPN, but it seem like he did. Granted, he wasn’t a journalist and doesn’t have the same ethical obligation to not post until confirmed.

    Hey, for what it’s worth, WFNY was the first place I read about this…2 days before anywhere else reported it.

  • mgbode

    I applaud your efforts at optimism right now given the state of Cleveland sports:

    Cavs – Kyrie injured
    Browns – 3 of our key draft picks injured and our defense in shambles
    Indians – on life support as an organization

  • mgbode

    you are correct, the coin toss example isn’t the best one to use.

    it is more like in HS someone noticing a girl acting weird one day and telling a buddy that he thinks she’s pregnant and the rumor spreading throughout the school. even if he turns out right, it doesn’t mean he should have started the rumor.

  • Mike Belsito

    Fair enough…

  • JK

    I guess I probably would if he did it while I was a child & that’s how I was brought up.