Haden Won’t Comment on Alleged Drug Suspension- “It’s a League Matter”

Browns CB Joe Haden wouldn’t make any comments about his reported failed drug test, or the possibility of a suspension or appeal-

“I can’t comment on it at all. Anything involving the situation, I’m not going to talk about.”

He did go on record to say the following-

“Everybody knows who I am. Honestly, my friends and my family, they know exactly who I am. All the Haden Nation supporters, they know who I am, and you can’t put up a front. So I’m just going to just keep balling, keep looking forward to the next game and keep doing my thing.”

Haden is certainly within his rights not to discuss the matter until the matter has finished. In fact, he absolutely should NOT talk about it until he and the league sort it out.


  • http://twitter.com/Dennymayo Denny

    Haden Nation lol

  • MrCleaveland

    He’s right, we all know exactly who he is. An Adderall user who got caught.

    Oh well, let’s hope he doesn’t continue doing his thing.

  • Harv 21

    This latest go-to jock response, “you know who I am,” is hilarious in its unselfconscious absurdity. What jock really means: you read my tweets, you wear my jersey, you scream my name in public, girls give me their number, I love this adoration so please please please don’t stop.