Indians working on “Premium Club” seating

The Cleveland Indians, regardless of their on-field performance, continually work to innovate with the stadium to try and create the best possible atmosphere for fans to enjoy a game. It is almost impossible to be positive about the team right now, but with no snark what-so-ever I have to be honest when I say that it is still an enjoyable ballpark experience at the Jake.

The Indians turned their club section into an all-you-can-eat section a few years ago. Now they’re exploring another kind of section between Club and Suite levels of experience.

As part of our continuing efforts to preserve and enhance Progressive Field for our fans, we are researching a new type of seating area, called the ‘Premium Club’, which combines the best elements of both the Club Seats and Suites. The Premium Club will be located on the Suite Level and offer a fantastic entertaining lounge that celebrates the team’s history and provides you an exclusive experience.

The team is currently showing concepts to season ticket holders during games, presumably to gauge interest and feedback.

  • Ohiodevil

    How about they work on finding some “Premium” players?