Manny Acta will manage Indians in 2013

Per Paul Hoynes of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Cleveland Indians will pick up manager Manny Acta’s club option for the 2013 MLB season.

Acta has drawn considerable ire since his team, once in the lead of the AL Central, has dropped nine straight contests and has gone 6-17 since the All-Star break. With Acta’s overall record standing at 192-233, the manager being the subject of criticism at several key points in the season, and a manager-in-waiting in fan favorite Sandy Alomar Jr. on the team’s bench, a change was not far-fetched.

Tribe general manager Chris Antonetti, however, managed to end all speculation.

“I’m very happy with the job Manny has done,” Antonetti said. “Obviously, it’s been a tough road trip, but I think he’s continued to provide very good leadership not only throughout the road trip, but throughout his tenure here. I certainly think he’s part of the solution, not part of our issues.”

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  • Jason Hurley

    Dead man talking…

  • Matthew Grant Anson

    Good move, I like Manny. It’s Antonetti that needs to go after this season. I’ve always been a Shapiro supporter, but if he has a major say in these moves (or lack of moves) from Ant, then I would be forced to say he needs to be removed as well.

  • mgbode

    yeah, Acta might want to get that option picked up now

  • Corey

    What do you mean he ended all speculation? Bullshit he did. Acta is gone. I hope we lose out the rest of the season just so it’s 100% confirmed.

  • nj0

    Agreed. He’s got Kotchman, Damon, Seddon, Jimenez, Lowe, Cunningham, Duncan, Kluber, Rottino, Carlin, Lillibridge, Gomez, Tomlin, Masterson, Sipp, Hagadone, Wheeler, Accardo, and Ascencio working for him.

  • AlexMathews

    I think Acta is fine. It’s Antonetti that needs to go.

  • zonk

    Nothing like losing 9 in a row to get the option picked up…. just more proof how committed to losing this organization truly is.

  • Corey

    YEAH! This guy is GREAT. Not part of the problem at all. Time to send him back to the 3rd world country he was born in.

  • Harv 21

    exactly. About as sure a thing as Holmgren’s promise last winter that Shurmur would be the Browns’ coach “for many years.”

  • Luke Stavole

    This is a family friendly site. Go somewhere else and spread your filth please.

  • clevefan4life

    Very misleading story and Tweet by Hoynes. I want Acta gone as much as anyone, but Antonetti was fairly vague. When asked if Acta would be back he said, “I have no reason to think otherwise.”

    That’s a front office speak for, “We haven’t decided yet.”

    Personally, I want the slate clean. I want the Dolans, the front office and Acta gone.

  • Natedawg86

    Yeah maybe “Dawg Years” … Sorry couldn’t help myself

  • cmm13

    How is this not deleted yet?

  • Craig Lyndall

    I had one word filtered, but apparently had to add *expletive to the list in order to limit the word he used…

  • cmm13

    That’s my bad Craig, I forgot the sarcasm font. You guys run a fantastic site and do a great job moderating.

  • Garry_Owen

    But this team has just flat-out quit. They have no fight in them. I like Acta, but that’s on him. Firing would not be inappropriate, in my opinion.

  • Corey

    Nah man, this site is full of people who are clearly paid by the Indians to post feel-good stories. I have seen 1, maybe 2 articles bashing the Indians. Their editors on Twitter seem to be in love with Acta, even going as far as making weirdo phrases like “Actaball”. How about a little negative bias now and then?

  • Brian_24

    The Indians picked up Acta’s 2013 option last September.

  • Jeff D

    Yes, clearly everything posted by this website has been 100% favorable about the Indians. I’m so tired of hearing how great the Ubaldo trade was, what a brilliant idea it was to sign Grady to a $5M deal, how inspired the pickup of Lillibridge was…


  • mgbode

    why did you stop there?

  • Dave

    Blaming Acta makes about as much sense as blaming the coach of the Washington Generals. Bad players plus a good coach yields a bad team.

    Acta’s not perfect, but the things he’s training his players to do, like working the pitch count and drawing walks, have helped the team win games.