NFL Rumor: Joe Haden took Adderall as a Las Vegas ‘pick-me-up’

From mysterious Twitter rumors to possible NFL review and “no comment,” we’re continuing to see more buzz on the Internet about the alleged Joe Haden drug suspension story.

This time, the word from a Pro Football Talk league source yesterday is that the reason for Haden’s failed test is “pick-me-up” Adderall use during an offseason trip to Las Vegas. According to the report, Haden does not likely have a prescription for Adderall, a common ADD medication.

The report from PFT continued to say it likely was a one-time use and that if Haden had a prescription, he possibly could more easily avoid league suspension. However, since Adderall is not a performance-enhancer, writer Mike Florio proposed why it is possibly against league policy in the offseason.

Of course, the NFL requires random year-round drug testing for all players. This latest article theorizes that word is flowing out very early in Haden’s review process, so a final decision still might not arrive for quite a while.

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  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Haden never struck me as the brightest bulb in the bunch. Unfortunate for the defense which was going to be suspect even with him. Way to go Joe.

  • Barley House Reg

    This guy is a mess..He is out everynight getting blasted..He hangs out w losers and drinks and drives his Lambordini all over town even though he lives two minutes away from where he hangs out at… This is going to get worse. He is going to self distruct

  • DFelder

    He definitely gets “seen out” a lot. He’s a nice guy based on every encounter I’ve ever heard of, but he should take it a little easier. How do these guys make it through NFL practices hungover all the time? I went to my fair share of college practices hungover (almost always miserable), and I imagine (and hope) that the NFL practices are way more intense than mine were.

  • FearTheRoo

    Is there a “What in vegas, stays in vegas” clause in the NFL’s drug policy?

    I think from the tone of the team, you can tell they are preparing to play the first 4 games without him. But as bad as our run defense is, I doubt any teams will even feel the need to pass the ball.

  • jmgatskiejr

    Referring to your own “Haden Nation” when rationalizing your reputation as you sidestep the issue of prescription drug abuse is taking yourself far too seriously. Everybody makes mistakes but there is a responsible way to respond to queries about it.

  • R

    Adderall only stays in your system for 2 days so I guess it was a case of bad luck getting randomly selected within that window.

  • zonk

    Just wondering, since this is in such an early stage, and it is clearly not meant to be public knowledge at this point, is there no way to trace the source of this and sue as it would most likely violate some privacy portion of the collective bargaining agreement between the NFL and the player’s association? If by some oddball situation the 2nd test comes back okay, or if you have a Ryan Braun situation where the 3rd party involved in the testing did something out of the ordinary, why can’t the person who is talking out of line get punished? ~ “Dewey Beats Truman”

  • porckchopexpress

    Which of the numerous personal encounters with Haden made you decide he wasn’t the brightest bulb? Of all the times you have had personal conversations with him what struck you as proving his incompetence?
    And, and, and, when looking at a “bunch” of bulbs how do you discern which is the brightest? Most often I have seen the comparison you are struggling to make made using wattage. To quote the immortal Biff Tanner you are about as smart as a screen door on a battleship using the comparision you’ve made.
    So please tell me #1 how do you base your opinion that he isn’t smart, and #2 how is it “Unfortunate”(your word) that the defense is losing the “dimmest bulb in the Bunch”? Wouldn’t you be thrilled to lose the stupidest person in your department? Why would the Browns be upset losing the stupidest person in their “bunch”?

  • Daniel Carroll

    Well that was totally unnecessary…lol