Steeler returned to field after he “woke up”

The Pittsburgh Steelers could find themselves in hot water with the NFL regarding concussions, but this time it isn’t because James Harrison delivered one. Running back Chris Rainey was momentarily unconscious after a collision with Indianapolis Colt corner Jerraud Powers. See if any of this sounds familiar.

“I didn’t examine (him),” Tomlin said. “I just go with the doctors. They said he was fine to come back, so we played him.”

On the heels of the Colt McCoy situation, Rainey’s own account now sounds eerie considering how much we’ve come to understand concussions and head injuries in the past year.

“I woke up, and I’m still here,” said Rainey, who rushed six times for 20 yards and returned kickoffs. “I thought he dove at my head, and I thought there was a penalty.”

“I kept slipping on cuts, and I dropped a couple of passes. I didn’t like it. I’m taking all the opportunities I can, and sometimes you’ve got to deal with getting hit.”

I don’t know if this means the NFL’s newly instituted system isn’t working or if they need to step up education in certain cities. The Steelers would seem to be pretty likely culprits because their players continually fail to understand what kinds of hits are legal, even after repeat offenses drawing fines and suspensions.

James Harrison’s hits are legendary here in Cleveland. In the same game that Rainey returned in, Steelers linebacker Larry Foote knocked an already-wrapped up Austin Collie out of the game with what appeared to be an unnecessary shoulder to the helmet as he was being tackled. Even if Foote is fined, the play stood and Collie’s catch was reversed on a replay challenge by coach Mike Tomlin.

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  • Eric D

    I read that quote as “I woke up this morning, and I’m still here. (so it wasn’t a big deal)” Could go either way, but it’s pretty obvious NFL needs to do more if they want to be perceived as serious about concussion care.

  • mgbode

    I stood by it then for Colt and stand by it now for Rainey. The HC has to be removed from the equation. It’s on the medical staff to diagnose concussions and they will not catch them all (he could have been ‘out’ for a second and popped up without anyone on the sidelines noticing much – if he doesn’t complain, then how will they know?).

    There is no way to avoid concussions completely and there is no way of diagnosing every single one.

  • UnknownMiner

    Is it possible for the league to start yanking draft picks if the Stillers defense keeps concussing people with flagrantly illegal hits? Also, I can’t wait until Trent Richardson runs Harrison’s punk ass over this year.

  • Greg

    Are we serious about the Larry Foote comment? His shoulder? Watch it again, it was barely his arm as he was running by to make sure he was on the ground. You sound like the Browns tackling coach.

  • Dannyboy11

    Obviously someone didn’t even watch the game. National announcer Chris Collinsworth even made a point to say “it was a perfectly legal, solid tackle” in reference to Larry Foote. Stop whining about things that aren’t there Miner.

  • Dannyboy11

    I read this thinking it was a news article.
    I forgot this page is like trying to find something accurate on politics by watching FoxNews.
    Face it, this is nothing but a bunch of Browns fans venting and trying to present it as news.

  • Dannyboy11

    “flagrantly illegal”?
    Chris Collinsworth was the national commentary in the booth and referred to Foote’s hit as a “legitimate legal tackle”. Will you please actually WATCH the game before running your mouth?
    Just be happy Harrison did Mangini’s job for him by taking out Colt McCoy last year and get over it, its 2012.

  • mgbode

    it’s always good to throw in useful bits of information like the HC at the time to make yourself sound smart.

    of course, when you get that information wrong…

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Ouch Steelers fan… chiming in only to get the Browns’ head coach wrong. Chris Collinsworth is far from the authority on what constitutes an illegal hit, although I agree that it wasn’t as egregious as any of James Harrison’s.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    No one is presenting anything on this site as “unbiased”. This is a Cleveland sports blog. If you’re looking for news, try the newspaper websites.

  • CBI

    Danny, you might want to get tested for a concussion, you don’t appear to know where you are.

  • Dannyboy11

    I’ve watched the hit again because of this comment. It doesn’t appear egregious at all.
    Additionally, for mgbode, its a real challenge to keep up with the elite Browns coaches, when the Steelers have had 3 coaches since 1969, as opposed to the Browns who have had 15 in the same time frame.
    Which is probably why Pittsburgh doesn’t consider the Browns a rival anymore, yet the Browns look forward to Pittsburgh games yearly

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Yeah, that’s not really saving you face… just kind of showing that you don’t know anything about other teams besides the Steelers. I already agreed with you on the hit… not that egregious, not sure if it’s a penalty… I’m just letting you know that using Chris Collinsworth as the reasoning behind your argument isn’t a sound choice. I like Collinsworth, but I don’t think he reads the NFL rulebook very often.