Trent Richardson to have arthroscopic surgery

What was once thought to be an issue of rest has now become a small arthroscopic surgery according to reports on Trent Richardson previously underwent surgery to repair the meniscus in his left knee. Now, there is apparently a small piece of cartilage that is causing discomfort and swelling.

As someone who has had two ACL surgeries, one of which included a partial cartilage tear, I can speak somewhat from experience. Trent Richardson’s surgery shouldn’t be a giant ordeal like what Montario Hardesty went through previously with his ACL injury that had him looking hobbled even a year later.

All that being said, I’d be lying if I said things couldn’t be going better. Even an elite running back prospect like Trent Richardson would be best served to have pre-season reps. Even with optimistic recovery estimates there’s pretty much 0% chance that Richardson can play on Friday, and probably almost equally doubtful for the Browns’ second game on Thursday August 16th against Green Bay.

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  • Dee P


    We’ve gone from rookie running backs hurting knees and missing the entire season to rookie running back hurting knee and missing 3-4 weeks.

    We’ve gone from an owner doing his deceased dad a “favor” by running the team to an owner who has invested in winning and wants to be here.

    We’ve gone from a QB who while “loveable” lacks arm strength which hurts him in key December football games, to a QB with arm strength as his top quality.

    We’ve gone from a “turnstile” RT spot to a much better option.

    We’ve gone from smallish, slow receivers who had trouble getting open to two physical freaks with hands the size of frisbees who excel at going up to get the ball.


    we’ve gone from a coach who was overwhelmed during his rookie season to bringing him help in an experienced WC offensive coordinator.

    I’d say we are making progress in a bunch of areas…

    Baby steps folks….baby steps and optimism.

    Now….about that defense….

  • cmm13

    While I can agree that any rookie, top prospect or not needs as much preseason work as he can handle if he is back with the first team for the 3rd game and plays the whole first half, I’m good.

  • matt underwood

    I didn’t know they drafted grady sizemore

  • Joe Murphy

    The offseason optimism train barely got out of the gate this year. Must the Browns really compete for being the worst team while NOT playing football too? Sigh.

  • saggy

    just a stupid pick by the Browns. Ok, that’s an overreaction, but I wanted Claiborne because I felt he was a true lock-down CB, and because he wasn’t coming off of knee surgery!!! A healthy player in a dynamic position is what you want.

    I don’t understand drafting a RB with the #3 pick who is coming off of surgery. I think i said this a long time ago, and i am reiterating this now. I’m rooting hard for Richardson, but I wouldn’t have mortgaged so many picks for him.

    Coaches and/or doctors need to be fired. Probably doctors. How can they keep missing this stuff?

  • BuckeyeDawg

    That’s what I’ve been thinking the past couple weeks as well. We have upgraded nearly every position on the team since last season. We should be fairly optimistic. Still doesn’t make me feel much better about the Richardson/Haden situations though. “Murphy” seems to be a permanent resident in Berea…

  • Jeffrey Brown

    I think you just talked me off the ledge. Thanks man.

  • Jason Hurley

    So….he gets reps in practice, it shakes loose some cartilage, and doctors need to be fired? …No.

  • saggy

    Doctors can’t read an MRI. Should they be fired? Yes.

  • Jason Hurley

    New policy – never draft anyone who has ever been hurt ever. Great success!

  • CB Everett

    I feel like someone was afraid we’d jump off a bridge if we knew the truth right away: He just needs a little rest. Well, ok he’s going to get it checked out. Ok you got me, I was kind of lying there…he needs some very minor touch up surgery. Alright now, you win, he’s having microfracture surgery on both knees and may never walk again. Fine, fine, Jesus…Trent Richardson is dead.

  • MHardesty

    You are right – previous injury is a sign of great future success

  • Steve

    This is a terrible mischaracterization of the argument. Running backs get beat to hell. Teams have gone to rotations because when a guy gets even a bit nicked up, he’s not as productive as an easily-findable backup. That’s why its risky to invest so much into the position. And while rookie salaries are down, the opportunity cost is still incredible high. The argument isn’t to never draft anyone who has ever been hurt, but to be wary of investing so much into a risk when you can find competent play for cheap.

  • B-bo

    Amen. Sacrificing picks for a position that has more turnover than any other in the game, when perfectly acceptable (not to mention needed) players are available, was a bad call. And for damaged goods, no less. Loved watching the guy in college, and it would be great if he ultimately has a long and successful career for us–I hope he does. But this is beyond discouraging. And the fact that we could have increased our chances of avoiding it (though who knows, maybe Claiborne gets hurt in Day 1 of practice) simply makes it worse.

  • hopwin

    Rookies are not upgrades until you see them play.

  • mgbode

    anything is an upgrade over what we did at RB last season
    or WR
    or QB
    or RT

  • Jason Hurley

    It’s a mischaracterization of a terrible argument to begin with. To call for people to get fired over this? I’m fighting fire with fire. The collective neuroses of the fanbase can be grating at times – this is one example.

  • The_Matt_Of_Akron

    This was hilarious. Thank you.

  • Natedawg86

    Clean up some stray cartilage before preseason and miss a few preseason games with limited reps, or play through the season with nagging pain and swelling…..hmmm….not a tough choice in my opinion. Also gives us a little better idea of Hardesty and Jackson after last year.

  • Garry_Owen

    When asked for comment, Jim Brown said that he could tell by watching Richardson run in junior high school that his cartilage was “weak, slow, and not that impressive.”

  • Jeremy Humbert

    LOL… Shurmer sure has one hell of a poker face..

  • Jeremy Humbert

    Now we can see how much better Hardesty is this year than last (remember per-season a couple of years a ago when he was kick ass?) Here’s to MORE optimism about our depth at RB this year, as opposed to last year. (those guys did fine, but we are looking for good this year). And having stray cartilage floating around and getting stuck between tendons and joints, and behind your knee cap sucks, hopefully for TRich there isn’t anymore meniscus cleanup in store, because that is a temporary fix… that stuff doesn’t come back, and only gets worse over time. But in the end, they drafted a stud RB that we can really hang our hats on…when he’s healthy.. but lets not forget Hardesty, he’s pretty dang good… when he’s healthy..

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    This is a huge opportunity for the other RBs to step up and show something, anything. The football team will need other guys to spell TRichardson. I’m hoping Jackson can contribute after he missed the season a year ago.

  • Garry_Owen

    Before I supported drafting Trent Richardson, I was against it. I knew I was right! (Even though I was eventually wrong.)
    /Puts flip flops neatly on the lower shelf to be easily accessible when Trent Richardson returns in week 1 to run for 200 yards.

  • Hamfist

    Best pre-season comment ever.

  • LB

    This team will win 3 to 5 games. you guys are drinking the Kool-Aid