Box Score: (12) Ohio State 35, California 28

Fans and analysts were clamoring for Braxton Miller to run the ball less. Today, Urban Meyer’s gameplan was much different, running Miller just 12 times for 75 yards and one touchdown as he instead threw for four scores as the Buckeyes survived a scare from the Cal Bears 35-28 in The ‘Shoe. Miller threw for 249 yards, and Jordan Hall took the load rushing the ball with 17 carries and 87 yards. Devin Smith was Miller’s favorite deep target, catching 5 passes for 145 yards and 2 TDs. On defense, the Buckeyes gave up two big plays in the rushing game to Cal running back Brendan Bigelow for touchdowns, and they allowed 500+ yards of offense. Cal’s kicker Vincenzo D’Amato helped the Buckeye cause by missing all three field goal attempts. Buckeye safety Christian Bryant iced the game with an interception that allowed OSU to run out the clock. OSU is now 3-0 on the season and plays UAB next Saturday at home.

Scoring Summary

1st QuarterCAL – OHST
5:53Ohio State BuckeyesOHSTTDBraxton Miller rushed to the left for 55 yard gain (Drew Basilmissed PAT)0 – 6
3:40California Golden BearsCALTDZach Maynard passed to Chris Harper to the right for 19 yard gain (Vincenzo D’Amato made PAT)7 – 6
1:55Ohio State BuckeyesOHSTTDBraxton Miller passed to Devin Smith to the left for 25 yard gain (Drew Basil made PAT)7 – 13
2nd QuarterCAL – OHST
14:20Ohio State BuckeyesOHSTTDBraxton Miller passed to Jake Stoneburner to the left for 1 yard gain (Drew Basil made PAT)7 – 20
3rd QuarterCAL – OHST
9:55California Golden BearsCALTDBrendan Bigelow rushed to the left for 81 yard gain (Vincenzo D’Amato made PAT)14 – 20
4th QuarterCAL – OHST
12:37California Golden BearsCALTDZach Maynard rushed up the middle for 1 yard gain (Vincenzo D’Amato made PAT)21 – 20
9:10Ohio State BuckeyesOHSTTDBraxton Miller passed to Jake Stoneburner down the middle for 3 yard gain (2pt attempt converted, Braxton Miller run to the right)21 – 28
8:31California Golden BearsCALTDBrendan Bigelow rushed to the left for 59 yard gain (Vincenzo D’Amato made PAT)28 – 28
4:14Ohio State BuckeyesOHSTTDBraxton Miller passed to Devin Smith to the right for 72 yard gain (Drew Basil made PAT)28 – 35


California Golden BearsCompAttYdsPctY/ASackYdsLTDIntRating
Zach Maynard263728070.37.665011137.4
Keenan Allen118100.08.00000167.2
Ohio State BuckeyesCompAttYdsPctY/ASackYdsLTDIntRating
Braxton Miller163024953.38.30041160.4


California Golden BearsRushYdsAvgLngTDFumL
Brendan Bigelow416040.08120
Isi Sofele21864.12600
C.J. Anderson4133.3500
Eric Stevens2115.51100
Zach Maynard10-46-4.6310
Ohio State BuckeyesRushYdsAvgLngTDFumL
Jordan Hall17875.11500
Braxton Miller12756.35510
Corey Brown155.0500


California Golden BearsRecYdsAvgLngTDFumL
Keenan Allen9808.91800
C.J. Anderson46516.33000
Darius Powe24422.03600
Chris Harper33210.71910
Bryce Treggs3289.31500
Eric Stevens2136.5800
Jacob Wark2126.0900
Zach Maynard188.0800
Isi Sofele166.0600
Ohio State BuckeyesRecYdsAvgLngTDFumL
Devin Smith514529.07220
Jake Stoneburner34414.74020
Corey Brown33110.32100
Evan Spencer11010.01000
Jeff Heuerman199.0900
Nick Vannett263.0500
Zach Boren144.0400


California Golden BearsXPMXPAFGMFGALngPctPts
Vincenzo D’Amato440300.04
Ohio State BuckeyesXPMXPAFGMFGALngPctPts
Drew Basil340000.03


California Golden BearsPuntAvgBlkIn20TB
Cole Leininger543.6021
Ohio State BuckeyesPuntAvgBlkIn20TB
Ben Buchanan839.8010

Kick/Punt Returns

California Golden BearsKRYdsAvgLngTDPRYdsAvgLngTD
Brendan Bigelow57414.8320000.000
Keenan Allen000.0008-9-1.100
Ohio State BuckeyesKRYdsAvgLngTDPRYdsAvgLngTD
Bri’onte Dunn34214.0220000.000
Corey Brown000.000320.720
  • cmm13

    While the gameplan was different Braxton needed to take advantage of the run when it was there….which it was.

    Also, I was at the game and they only ran one replay of it so can someone please tell me what happened on the deep ball to Philly Brown (or it may have been Smith) that the whole stadium was sure he caught on his back? It was a 60 yard pass play that looked good, was called a no catch and never reviewed.

  • Niemdog

    It hit the ground. No doubt about it. They showed it multiple times on tv.

  • cmm13

    Thanks! The stadiums reaction was unreal. Nobody thought he caught it, they showed one replay that looked like he did and the place went nuts when it wasn’t reviewed.

  • Joe Murphy

    Nobody is going to mention how abundantly clear it was that Braxton can not make correct reads not throw with accuracy? We have another Terrelle Pryor, minus the expectations.

  • Bryan

    true. but he is only 19. and is getting better.