#NBARank places Kyrie Irving as No. 22

Just like last season, ESPN has been unveiling its analyst rankings of every player in the NBA in an series called #NBARank.

Last season, the Cavs were horribly represented in the post-LeBron aftermath since there was such little talent remaining. One question mark of the series was where to place rookie Kyrie Irving, who famously played just 11 games at Duke in his one year of college.

Well, this year, Irving jumped up 118 spots all the way to No. 22, easily the highest for a Cleveland player and for a member of his draft class.

It’s quite fun to see the Cavs being well-represented in this series and to see the excitement surrounding Irving. ESPN’s Chris Palmer also tweeted about how he’ll be putting Kyrie in the top 10 in just two years.

  • thenoclist

    Waiters and Zeller will be top 10’ers next year.

  • Tuckybuck

    Good for Kyrie!

  • Kildawg

    Remember that ESPN is doing these ratings. We’ll be lucky to have another guy in the Top 50, maybe three in Top 100 is feasible. ESPN thrives in our misery.

  • Brett23owen

    Good to see him
    Get some recognition. I reckon fringe top 20 is about right. I think as soon as next season he could be fringe top 10

  • thenoclist