WFNY Podcast – 2012-09-27 – Craig and Scott preview Browns vs. Ravens


You want the short version? There is no good reason to pick the Browns to win Thursday. We already all new that. That doesn’t mean the Browns can’t win per se, but if you predict them to do so you’re praying more than predicting.

More specifically, we talked about…

  • Mohamed Massaquoi missing the game
  • Alex Smith missing the game
  • Trent Richardson’s running attack
  • The young guys on the defense
  • Pat Shurmur and how much of the start is his fault


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  • Harv 21

    nice job, guys. Agree with much. A few things:

    – Only recently have the Browns been drafting to win the line of scrimmage battle with the Ravens and Steelers, where they have gotten punked for years. Scanning our recent drafts, after Faine was drafted in ’03 there were no linemen, on EITHER side of the ball, taken in the first three rounds until Thomas in ’07. Then none until Mack (1st round) in ’09. Then a shift occured starting ’11 with Taylor and Sheard. In ’12, Schwartz and Hughes. We do need an effective QB, RB and secondary to beat them but it starts on the lines. Even with mediocre coaching, we’ll be in these games when we start competing in the line battles.

    – On coaching: remember how Mangini always could scheme to win the first quarter, but then couldn’t answer opponent adjustments? Dabol seemed incompetent to play that chess match and Ryan was just undermanned because of crappy drafts. I’m wondering if there is an opposite dynamic here: Shurmur is not much of an overall game planner so we start slow, but he has very experienced assistants who can adjust a little in-game.

    – Of course it’s possible win this game, simply because the Ravens cannot take us seriously and had a late emotional win Sunday. Being at home makes them more comfy and likely to treat this as a joke. But the chances are small, because I see no evidence that our players are buying into anything Shurmur is selling. Mangini was not the answer, but he at least had a theme, mistake-free play, toughness, special teams; what’s Shurmur’s theme? Here’s Browns one shot tonight: Flacco throws up a stinker and Ravens defense is extremely lackadaisical, because Trent Richarson is absolutely looking an opening to get off one of these games. Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look.

  • mgbode

    alot of good points. one thing I would note is that Daboll seemed to figure out that chess match adjustment last weekend when the Chiefs were getting crushed 24-6 vs. the Saints and then came back to win.

    ok, the chess match decision was just “give the ball to Charles” but it was still done :)

  • Harv 21

    Feeling sympathetic melancholy that you are both following Daboll’s career and know the correct spelling of his name. Like the episode of The Office where Jim is asked Dwight Schrute’s middle name in the hospital and answers, “Kurt … I’m so sad that I know the answer to that question.”

    Look, I’m just trying to figure out why a young team with solid assistant coaches can look so … unenthused? Like they’re dog paddling around in the middle of a game, waiting for something to happen. With the exception of the defensive passion in the opener, want to know why there’s no pulse, they don’t look tight for fear of making mistakes but don’t look like they’re letting go and just playing either. Looking so passive is weird for a young team.

  • mgbode

    in my defense, it was the early game in Austin last week.

    I have to admit seeing Romeo on the sidelines with Daboll and sending Hillis into the game while Quinn watched from the sidelines was a bit chilling. Hillis leaving the game with an injury fit right into the playbook as well.