While We’re Waiting… A New Un-Level Playing Field


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“The money that is waiting for them from their soon-to-be-negotiated local TV deal wll fill their coffers to the tune of about $200M a year (which is perhaps a conservative estimate) from either FOX or Time Warner, which furthers a trend that was brought into focus in the off-season. Grantland’s Jonah Keri goe sa bit into how local TV money is widening the gap in MLB as he identifies the Dodgers as the “dangerous” new spender on the block with the marvelous conclusion that “The Dodgers are now officially the National League’s answer to the Yankees, only more willing to accept smaller profit margins and thumb their noses at artificial spending limits.” Realizing that this is a well-worn topic in this place, it’s one worth re-visiting with the Dodgers’ upcoming deal (remember, still not even signed with anyone and still likely to become a bidding war) further changing the landscape of MLB and how TV money affects it, even further than what we saw from the “other” LA team this off-season.” [Cousineau/The DiaTribe]


“Braxton’s complete stat line read 14/24 passing for 207 yards and 2 TDs with another 161 yards rushing (school record for a QB) on 17 carries and a score. That’s 368 yards of total offense and it still feels like the kid is just barely reaching medium-rare status on his way to well done.

He struggled early, missing on six of first seven throws and seemingly refusing to pitch the ball on the sprint option or give it to the tailback in the read option, even though it looked like there were some opportunities for the option runner to bite off a sizeable gain.

Once he and Urban talked about some plays Miller wanted to run, the kid fell into a groove that devastated the RedHawk defense. On the first scoring drive, he lofted a perfectly placed teardrop to Philly on 2nd and 4 for 38 yards and on the next play, he found Smith for the 23-yard score. The ball was a little high to Smith but the attempted placement was correct – put it up there where only Smith could high point it and see what happens on 1st and 10.” [Lauderbeck/Eleven Warriors]


“In all, Cleveland went 5-24 in August for its worst showing in a single calendar month in the club’s 112-year history. The 1914 Cleveland Naps had a 24-loss July nearly a century ago, but they won six and had one tie that month. The Indians are the second team to have a 24-loss month this season, joining the Astros, who did so in July. It marks the first time since 1982 that two teams had months of 24-plus losses in one season. The Twins (26 in May) and Mets (24 in August) accomplished that dubious feat 31 seasons ago.

In the last 30 seasons, only the 2012 Indians, 2012 Astros and 1999 Cubs turned in a month with at least 24 losses. It has happened 10 times in the past 50 seasons. Dating back to 1921, there have been 46 such occurrences. The record for futility in a single month (since ’21) is 27 losses. Well done, 1939 Phillies and 1940 Athletics (both in September).” [Bastian/MLB]


“James developed three sets of criteria for recruiting players and, borrowing the idea from former Colorado coach Eddie Crowder, did not allow his assistants to watch film of recruits. Instead, James wanted his coaches to base their evaluations and form their opinions only after watching recruits play in person and talking with their high school coaches.

James also worked to improve the academic support system for his players, something that Saban has carried with him through his coaching career. “He really was into the personal, motivational, moral development,” Saban told SI about James. “There was a belief there that who you are mattered in terms of how successful you were going to be or how you played.”

Saban also had another Ohio-based influence. As defensive coordinator for the Cleveland Browns under Bill Belichick from 1991 to 1994, Saban learned how to get the most out of his coaching staff and players.” [Red Right 88]


“Tristan Thompson is featured in a new Foot Locker / Nike spot which dropped yesterday. The campaign slogan is “Comeback Season”, and it highlights the fact that only big dogs play in Tristan Thompson’s yard. Something we knew already, but always worth noting. ” [Stepien Rules]

  • mgbode

    I don’t know what to do about MLB. on one hand, I love baseball. absolutely great part of the year always being able to have a game on in the background of whatever I am doing.

    on the other hand, even if the Indians fix the FO, there is such a small finite possibility of contending, and even that is shrinking more and more as these TV contracts are becoming ridiculous for the bigger markets.