Box Score: Cavs 86, Bulls 83

A very impressive first half turned into a way-too-close finish at the University of Illinois tonight for the Cavs in their second preseason game.

Dion Waiters was the team’s leading scorer, finishing 7-for-12 from the field for 18 points. He looked much more impressive in this contest, especially in that first half, where he led the way along with fellow rookie Tyler Zeller (10 points on 4 field goal attempts).

Notably, the Cavs bench way out-performed the Bulls second unit throughout this contest. Lots of positives for the team moving forward from this one.

K. IrvingG26:072-150-34-6-10220210318
C.J. MilesG20:353-91-42-2-3020220039
A. VarejaoC25:143-80-02-4+74103011128
A. GeeF25:251-30-00-0-8062110022
T. ThompsonF18:552-40-00-1-2130501134
Percentages.411.500.667Team Rebounds: 15
D. Waiters26:517-124-40-0+60134002418
T. Zeller25:303-40-04-6-11432110410
O. Casspi22:353-53-50-0+11130200019
D. Gibson22:272-81-31-1+13024320156
S. Samuels17:051-20-01-2-12112220123
L. Harangody9:163-31-12-2+14000100019
K. AndersonDNP – Coach’s Decision
K. AzubuikeDNP – Coach’s Decision
M. EricDNP – Coach’s Decision
J. HolidayDNP – Coach’s Decision
K. JonesDNP – Coach’s Decision
J. LeuerDNP – Coach’s Decision
J. PargoDNP – Coach’s Decision
D. SloanDNP – Coach’s Decision
L. WaltonDNP – Coach’s Decision

Chicago Chicago

K. HinrichG27:006-121-51-1+132484121414
R. HamiltonG24:254-100-02-3+190311200410
J. NoahC21:341-20-02-4-2382302044
C. BoozerF19:325-110-00-2+41200100210
L. DengF18:402-60-30-0+1021000004
Percentages.349.053.759Team Rebounds: 12
N. Mohammed26:262-70-00-0-17110001134
J. Butler26:022-70-35-6-1372221029
M. Belinelli23:352-60-34-4-22341110038
T. Gibson18:484-80-04-4-44704220312
N. Robinson16:281-110-43-3-8132420005
V. Radmanovic9:401-20-10-0-3000201032
M. Teague4:320-30-00-0-8000100000
A. Emmett3:180-10-01-2-3020000101
R. AllenDNP – Coach’s Decision
K. FesenkoDNP – Coach’s Decision
M. JaricDNP – Coach’s Decision
D. RoseDNP – Coach’s Decision
  • Lunch

    Better. Much better, Dion. :)

  • BisonDeleSightings

    Did Waiters and Irving switch bodies?

  • Lyon25

    Seems like a lot of DNP for a preseason game.

  • Wow

    How nice of Coach to actually let his rookie get game time.

  • gruvedaddy

    Hopefully Dion will continue to accept what coach Scott tells him to do. Glad to see improvement in this game from a number of players.


    Two of those DNP aren’t even on the team anymore. Coaches don’t want to play 18 players and get them all quality minutes. So they let half the borderline players play one game and the other game the others will play.