Browns Survey Results: 57% of Browns fans expected a win

The Cleveland Browns got a win on Sunday and 57% of Browns fans who filled out our survey expected them to win. And then, of those 57%, the expected spread was seven points. That’s not all bad as the Browns won by ten 34-24. Of those who predicted victory, the average Browns score was 27 points. So the Browns actually out-performed even the optimists’ expectations by a Phil Dawson field goal.

Overall, Browns fans predicted that the Bengals would score 24 points and that the Browns would score 23. Tough to be more split than that. Now for the rest of the guesses.

First up? Sacks. Nailed it. Weeden was sacked twice and the majority of you thought he would be sacked twice.

Nailed it again. Browns fans thought the Browns would rush for 100-125 yards and they ran for 110 as a team. Granted nobody thought Montario Hardesty would go for 56 of those yards, but right just the same.

The Browns passed for 218 yards, so Browns fans were a bit ambitious on this one.

Missed one. Browns fans thought Joe Haden would more positively impact the passing game. Then again, how many of those yards were while the Browns were in the prevent at the end of the game? Nice to know some other team got some “cheap” end-of-the-game yards.

Thankfully Browns fans missed this one. The Browns got three interceptions. Even if you discount the one to end the game, the majority chose only one.

The Browns scored four touchdowns. One of them was a defensive TD by Sheldon Brown. Those are particularly hard to pick, but then again, so are Browns offensive TDs sometimes.

Nailed it. The Browns gave up three TDs. A.J. Green fantasy owners who are also Browns fans must have been elated. Perfect scenario.

The Browns did well in this category today, and Browns fans expected them to do well too. Bengals went for 76, and Green-Ellis went for 62 on 16 carries. That’s not bad at all for a defense missing Ahtyba Rubin.

Weeden threw one interception. It was a cheapy and unlike his normal interceptions. Even still it is an INT in the box score.

That’s all this time. We’ll be back with more on this game and also our Indianapolis survey later in the week.

  • R

    Even broken clocks are right twice a day!

  • UCBearcat94

    As a Browns fan going to school in Cincinnati who also owned AJ Green on a fantasy team…This was probably the most elated I’ve been after a win in a very long time. It felt good wearing my Browns gear around campus and getting to celebrate with my fellow northeastern Ohioans down here in Bengals country. Lets hope we carry this momentum into next week and take down the Colts.