Browns Survey Results: 85% predicted Browns victory

Well, it was a thoroughly depressing week of football for the Cleveland Browns, and it was exasperated by expectations after Browns fans tasted victory for the first time. It was a disappointment as Browns fans collectively predicted a 27-21 victory for the good guys. As it turned out it was 17-13 and a bit of an ugh-fest. Here are all your predictions.

The offensive line didn’t kill in the running game, but they kept Weeden clean. He got hit six times, but no sacks.

The Browns defense got three sacks. Good prediction. I would say though it didn’t feel like a very good game in terms of QB pressure. The Browns had to blitz in order to get pressure, and they didn’t seem to get it all that often.

No interceptions this week. Probably had something to do with the relative lack of pressure.

Only two when Browns fans clearly expected three. Although, if Josh Gordon catches that one ball…

Good prediction again. And yet Browns fans predicted a seven point win. How’d they lose this one again?

The Browns gave up 148, but the Colts were persistent. 37 rushes including three by Andrew Luck.

Anyone guess only 55? Seven people. Nice game plan. 41 passes compared to 17 rushes.

264 and another good Browns fan prediction.

A clean sheet for Weeden, although one of his rockets easily could have been picked off.

Only 186, but as I said before, the Colts were persistent with the running game even with their number one running back out.

It was competitive until the fourth quarter.

And that’s all she wrote. Very depressing and upsetting day even at 10 PM.

  • maxfnmloans

    do you guys have a way to track our answers for us? Its soooo hard to remember what I answered three whole days ago, and I figure it’d be easier for one of you to write an algorithm or something to take care of this for us, rather than me having to look for a pen and paper. mmmkay? Thanks

  • BuckeyeDawg

    Ha! We’re so gullible.

  • BenRM

    I’m stunned by the Browns inability to run the ball and defend the run in this game.

  • Hopwin

    Maybe I am hungover this morning but I am sensing some passive-aggressive tones in the commentary from the results.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Perfectly said this has been my point for years. People get carried away win or lose but especially after a victory seeing things that don’t exist only to be reminded a day later or a week. Point is the football team is still a bad one being “coached” by another guy who has all but been in over his head since he started. Excuses like a strike shortened season, a weak armed QB, a strong armed but rookie QB and no WRs can only go so far just look at the record, period. The next big excuse is the defense which really hasn’t been good for awhile despite whatever the “stats” might have said a year ago.

  • Otis Ross

    lets see we beat cin. so we think we are going some place not until we get a new coach and get rid of the holgrem stigma we need a new regrime to instill pride in the players and get that lets play for my paycheck mentality out of our heads dont wait for the season to end do it now.