Buckeye Six Pack: The Purdue Game


Each week I rewatch the Buckeyes game and give you my takeaways from the game in a little piece we like to call the…

I might as well take the introduction off the top of these permanently. I can’t tell you how many times circumstances make it impossible to actually watch the game again. Fortunately, I watched a good chunk of it again last night. Before the DVR ate it.

1) Songbird. That was Kenny G’s greatest hit. (Yes, I had to google that.) Saturday was clearly Kenny Guiton’s best performance. At least his best performance to date. I think we’d all feel much better if we could sit around after the season and just remember that ONE game fondly.

But awesome job Kenny. That 39 yard pass to Devin Smith at the beginning of the game tying drive was enormous. Not only did it give Guiton confidence, but it gave him 7 plays from inside Purdue’s 25 to score. Huge. Ginormous big.

2) MASH Unit. The injuries this team has sustained are amazing. Our LB group is paper thin at this point. Defensive backs, skill players, and of course Braxton Miller have all gone down repeatedly. It looks like Braxton will be able to play. Devan Bogart is done for the season after his injury. Don’t expect Sabino back this week. LB Joshua Perry should be back. Philly Brown as well. Jordan Hall? Who knows.

3) Specia… oh never mind. Urban, we are pretty unimpressed with your special teams. Sure, the blocked FG was huge. Didn’t quite cancel out the kick return for touchdown though. It really shouldn’t be this hard. I’ve grown weary of writing about the special teams in this space every week. I’m terribly vexed.

4) Everybody Dance. The Buckeyes got 8 receivers involved in the offense. Considering they only completed 15 passes, that’s kind of impressive. If not for Devin Smith’s one-handed stab in the opening game, Fields’ TD catch would have been the catch of the season. It was good to have him back.

5) Big Time Road Game. You know, it could be argued that the best thing for the Buckeyes and Braxton Miller long term would be to have Braxton sit this next one out. Think about it for a second. Could there be a more meaningless game for a team that is undefeated? I can’t think of one. I’m sure I am not going to be popular in saying it, but why would you put Braxton’s health and future in jeopardy for this game?

My 2 cents.

  • Natedawg86

    As for Miller – have to trust the coaching staff will do what they think is best for Miller and the Bucks. I don’t think anyone knows the extent other than people very close to the situation and Miller. I don’t know if he will sit out if he is just a little sore, but if he sustained injuries that can worsen significantly if he plays, than I agree.

  • Garry_Owen

    Absolutely agree, Rick, on sitting Braxton. I said as much the other day. (What? You weren’t following????)
    There is no reason at all to play him – and, indeed, every reason in the world not to do so. Give Guyton a start in a big game that doesn’t actually matter. We very well may need him next year in a big game that does matter.

  • http://twitter.com/RickWFNY rick grayshock

    Sorry Garry, where were you talking about that? Missed it.

  • Gbwoy

    Agree on all points. I don’t see a pressing need to start Braxton really, although I will say that if Kenny Guiton starts and the Buckeyes lose a close one…well, it’s Urban Meyer and all, so I doubt things get too crazy. But that’s the type of thing that drives many fans crazy. And more than a few OSU fans are already crazy, so…
    There is, however, one thing I would tack on to the 6 pack list: The fans who left the game after Kenny turned the ball over around the 2:40 minute mark. For shame.

  • Garry_Owen

    I think it was in your post yesterday about Miller being listed as starter. To me, this is the perfect opportunity for Meyer to develop Guyton into a better back-up than he is now (and he’s pretty good), if not a bona fide starter in his own right.
    [Humbling to know that people don’t cling on every diamond encrusted word that you write. So this is what self-realiziation is! Huh. I don’t like it.]

  • http://twitter.com/RickWFNY rick grayshock

    Sorry man. I just run out of day most days.

  • thepaledragon

    I think people are freaking out too much over the Miller injury. Yes, it looked scary at the time, but the doctors said that he didn’t have an injury. Do we not trust the staff at the OSU Medical Center?

    Most likely Miller was just shaken because he had never suffered that big of a hit before. Maybe he’ll learn from this to be more careful about the hits he takes. As long as he’s not gunshy, go ahead and let him play.

    What I take away from the Purdue game is that we have a very solid backup ready just in case. That’s comforting.

  • mgbode

    and I’ll repeat my agreement as well. this year doesn’t count anyways. use it to build good will
    with recruits parents (see, if your son is hurt, then i won’t
    force him back in a big game, promise).