Childress: Cooper And Weeden Have “Immeasurable Trust”

Tom Reed of The Plain Dealer had a profile of Browns wide receiver Josh Cooper and his quarterback Brandon Weeden this morning, sharing some of the bond between these two former Oklahoma State Cowboys. Browns offensive coordinator Brad Childress said this about Cooper:

“We like his (savvy), his ball skills, there’s obviously an immeasurable trust between him and Brandon having played with each other before,” offensive coordinator Brad Childress said.”

This leaves just one question unanswered. With the Browns struggling to find consistent, effective options at wide receiver, how exactly was Cooper not on the active roster for the first five weeks?

  • Dee P

    The more questions like these we ask ourselves, the same underlying answer becomes obvious. The coaching, as in head coaching, is simply not good enough, and continues to make bad decisions all around.

  • oribiasi

    Kirk, why ask questions like that? We all know why he wasn’t on the active roster — poor coaching decisions.

    And Craig doesn’t want to get rid of Shurmur yet?!?!

  • paulbip

    Thank God we were able to keep Cooper. How about this one; Shurmer had a chance to tie the game early on by going for 2 but didn’t. What difference does it make being down one or two in the beginning of the game? Being tied makes a big difference. Later in the day, I was watching another game, and a respected coach (I forget who) had the same situation and went for 2 and made it. Why hope to get a chance to tie the game at the end of the game when you have the chance staring you right in the face.

  • Wow

    I was about to say we all know Pat was the reason. And yes Craig will defend him until he is gone.

  • slbeef

    That’s great, just great. With what instrument does one measure trust? It would be good to get a handle on it, so we could quantify the trust bond between Cooper and Weeden and compare it to other NFL receiver-QB combos. Maybe that would give us a top ten offensive stat to focus on.

  • Harv 21

    First of all, you can say that about any team where a guy is promoted off the practice squad and contributes – happens with almost every team, almost every year. Cooper didn’t outplay Jordan Norwood in exhibition games and certainly not in the camp practices I saw.

    Secondly, Heckert, not Shurmur, has final say on the 53-man roster.
    This is reminding me of the red-herring Shurmur blame about Peyton Hillis last year – “the coach is mishandling the situation and messing up the player’s attitiude!”

    There’s plenty negative to say about this coach. But when you knee-jerk blame at him on every issue, real or imagined, your criticism loses its credibility. This is silliness.

  • oribiasi

    Yep, well said.

    I have a new theory — the next coach, whoever that is, will be criticized by Craig to the enth degree.

  • oribiasi

    Disagree completely. Perhaps you’re forgetting the numerous press post-game press conferences, usually after Little dropped a few, where multiple reporters would ask if perhaps it might be best to bring up Cooper as a known target for a rookie QB who is struggling. Shurmur would usually get really grumpy and angry that anyone would dare question who he has on the field.

    You’re kidding yourself here, Harv. One man can dispel years worth of sports acumen in a year or so. Getting rid of Shurmur is the best thing this team can do right now.