April 21, 2014

Grossi: Is Childress calling the plays?

Tony Grossi pointed it out on Twitter1 that Brad Childress might have tipped his hat that he is calling the plays. From Brad Childress’ session with the press yesterday

(On how he would assess the offensive line with run blocking) – “If we’re calling it and sometimes I haven’t done a great job of calling it as much as I need to, it has been okay. I wouldn’t say we’ve been overpowering, but then again that’s driven by lack of calls.”

Whether that means he’s actually calling the plays or not, I don’t know. I presume Pat Shurmur is still making the final call, but that Childress’ voice is loud and clear in his head and they are collaborating. I’m sure many fans will just assume Childress is calling all the good plays.

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  1. via the abominable Sulia []

  • some guy

    Yeah, what’s up with Sulia, do they give people a cut of the clickpennies or something? Can’t figure out why anyone would use it, particularly the FSO guys who already have blogs on fanmonster.

  • Harv 21

    “Brad Childress might have tipped his hat …”

    Tipped his hand? Doffed his cap? Sorry, best not mix metaphors on Nerd Club Friday (the first and third Friday of the month unless otherwise notified).

    O Brothers, where art thou? I’m working and can’t sift through the pile alone.

  • Bryan

    Just curious: Why do you cite Grossi for this? Anyone who watched the press conference would have noticed this.

  • Warburton MacKinnon

    Nope,Chilly is not calling the plays…but I will not assume he is better at it than Shurmer,just that he can’t,probably,be worse at it than Shurmer.