MLB News: Indians’ Shelley Duncan, Luke Carlin Elect Free Agency

Cleveland Indians outfielder Shelley Duncan and catcher Luke Carlin have elected to refuse their minor league assignments and enter free agency heading into the off-season which will bridge 2012 and 2013.

Duncan, in his third season with the Indians, was counted on to provide relief as a right-handed corner outfielder, but largely failed to add consistent value, hitting .203/.288/.676 through 81 games. Interestingly enough, he finished each of his three seasons with exactly 11 home runs and 29 runs scored. The 32-year-old was designated for assignement on August 29, capping off what was one of the worst months of baseball in recent history. The gaping hole in Cleveland’s left field remains largely unfilled.

Carlin, 31, managed to scratch the surface of the Indians’ big league roster in 2012, hitting .214/.214/.286 with two runs scored in just 14 at-bats.

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(h/t Jordan Bastian)

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  • Garry_Owen

    You okay, Harv21?

  • Harv 21

    Tomorrow’s headline: “Francona Comes to Senses and Resigns, Citing Duncan FA Opt-Out Clause.”
    Sub-headline: “Muttering ‘Bad Dream’ as Burns Rubber Eastbound on I-90.”

  • mgbode

    I picture Shelley Duncan watching the NYY game last night with Raul Ibanez coming off the bench to play the part of hero. As Ibanez seals the win in his 2nd AB for the Yanks Duncan starts breaking down crying while muttering “It shoulda been me. I coulda been a contenda.” Shelley then drunk dials his agent and opts-out of the contract.

    And scene.

  • Bobby Joe

    Bub bye! No loss there.

  • Harv 21

    OK? More than ok, friend. but gonna miss the Love Machine. Difficult time of year, cuz every time I see the toothy illuminated grin of a jack o’lantern I’ll think of my Shelley.