New WFNY shirt designs available now!

Wine and Gold design

When we introduced the first run of WFNY shirts from GV Art and Design, we really didn’t know what to expect.

It was a little scary ordering all of those shirts without having a clue if anyone would actually want them. Well, we knew we could give some away, but we were pretty unsure if anyone would actually purchase one.

Let’s just say we were blown away by the response.

We thought it might take months to empty the inventory. Instead, they sold out in just a couple weeks. We can’t say thank you enough. We’re honored that you would help us “promote the brand”.

During the creative process we had two designs drawn up. It was difficult picking between the two honestly. So for this round of shirts, we thought we’d go with the other design.

Early returns have been very positive. Many have commented they prefer this design.

We had hoped to have these ready by the Cavs’ opener, but power struggles Monday and Tuesday prevented that from happening. They are ready to go now.

Thanks again to Mike and the creative team at GV Art and Design for making us look good!

  • LC

    Ha, tribe colors not available.

  • rick grayshock

    Not yet. Next run perhaps.