NFL News: 92.3 The Fan Reporting that TJ Ward Did Not Practice Today

There’s been some confusion on Twitter this early afternoon about the practice status of Browns safety TJ Ward.

Initially, Joe Lull of 92.3 The Fan threw this bombshell out on the Internet in saying Ward had an unexcused absence this morning:

Will Burge of ESPN Cleveland, along with several other writers, then followed up with information from Browns PR saying that Ward was indeed there today:

So Lull has edited his initial tweet, now saying that Ward did not participate, and asserting that 92.3 The Fan is sticking by this report:

I’m sure we’ll have more — hopefully concrete — information later in the day on this report. Even though Ward hasn’t been the most impressive player during his third NFL season, any potential for him missing time would be very detrimental because of how banged-up this defense already is.

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