NFL Week 4: Winners and Losers


So after each Browns game I pick my winners and losers for the game. Since the Browns played last Thursday, I thought we’d open up today with a league wide winners and losers piece. I mean hey, what else are we going to talk about this morning?

Alright. League wide winners and losers from yesterday. Go…

LOSERS: Detroit Special Teams. Wow. The Lions gave up a kick-off return for a score and a punt return for a score in their 20-13 loss to the Vikings. The Lions fall to 1-3 in a season they had playoff expectations. They four teams they played so far had a regular season record of 27-37 last year, and if you take San Francisco out of the equation, they were 14-34. Yikes.

WINNERS: The Usual Suspects. Brady, Manning, Rodgers and Brees combined for 1,443 yards passing (all over 300 yards), 13 TDs, 1 Interception and 3 wins. Why not 4? Well, Brees and Rodgers played each other. Think QB play is important in this league? Look at the rest of the QB numbers. Insane.

WINNER: Brian Hartline. Gotta give a shout out to a Buckeye alum who had a career game. Hartline had 12 catches for 253 yards and a TD.

LOSERS: Buffalo Bills. I would like to know what happened to that team. The last time I checked they were up 21- 7 in the third quarter and looked like it was their day against the Patriots. Tight End Scott Chandler was having a great game with 4 catches and 2 TDs. Those were his final numbers, and the Patriots rattled off 6 straight TDs. The Patriots needed that win, as they would have fallen to 1-3. Instead they join the Bills and Jets in that division at 2-2.

Ok, those are mine. What did you see?

  • MrCleaveland

    Winner: RG III. The real deal. Nice winning drive at the end.

    Loser: Rex and the Jets. Wow, what an embarrassment.

    Loser: Saints are 0-4. Good. They deserve it.

    Winner: The Vikes get another win.

    Loser: Whatever happened to Peyton Hillis?

  • BenRM

    Winner: Bengals. 3-1 is still 3-1, even if one win was close and the other was against the Browns.

    Winner: Tim Tebow. If not now, then when?

    Loser: Team Defense. Who needs it?

    Loser: Panthers. Really? You’re really going to let that happen?

  • Jaker

    Loser: Cam Newton. Hopefully Greg Little can learn from his fellow sophomore that celebrating in a losing effort, whether you get national recognition or not, is a stupid thing to do.

    Winner: RG3. Seriously, this guy is a star in the making. He literally took the headset out of his helmet for the final drive cuz he wanted the call. I wanted this guy BAD, but was shot down by dozens of people on this website. Still waiting for you all to admit you were wrong! The Skins won’t miss those draft picks, because thy have a STAR.

    Winner: My sanity. The Jets and Giants both lost in Headline fashion, while the Browns hung tough on the road under the spotlight with a top 5 team in the NFL. Gives me one week of not having to take crap from the garbage man or guys at work. Until…

    Winner: The Cleveland Browns. WHAT?!?! I am not kidding. Yesterday the New York Giants lost to the Philadelphia Eagles, thus moving on to their next opponent, the Cleveland Browns. Well known fact about the Browns…. Each season, for the last four seasons, the Browns have defeated the defending Super Bowl Champions. In ’08 they beat the Giants, in ’09 they bet the Steelers, in ’10 they beat the Saints, and in 2011 they beat the Packers ( yes it was the preseason, but GB only lost once in the season, so it was impressive nonetheless). So by this meaningless coincidental statistic, this means that the Browns will either win this week, or they will lose, but will play them again, which will only happen in the Super Bowl, and have to beat them then.

    Basically the Browns will win this week, or go on a historic run to make the playoffs and beat the Giants in the Super Bowl.

  • BenRM

    I’m not saying that Weeden is better than Robert Griffen, but Griffen is helped substantially by the fact that he is on a team with talent and a FO that spends a ton of money on FAs.

    If he were in Cleveland, he would have neither of those things.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    LOSERS: Buffalo Bills. I would like to know what happened to that team – Tom Mothershutyourmouth Brady is what happened to them!

  • Garry_Owen

    To think, if only we hadn’t shot Jaker down, we’d have Robert Griffin The Third.

  • Garry_Owen

    Strep throat.

  • BenRM

    Indeed; I blame myself.

  • Jaker

    I’m not saying we would have him, I’m not an idiot. All I’m saying is that a lot of people were trashing him when the trade rumors were heating up, and I thought they were being unfair and looked very uneducated when criticizing him, making browns fans as a whole look stupid. I was called out a few times for liking him and making it aware that I think he’d be good. I know four games means nothing, since that’s like 1% of a good career, and I know that there is no such thing as a sure thing in the NFL, but the bricks have been layed for a great foundation in Washington. I wasn’t looking for credit or anything like that, but calling someone out on a website for eventually being right is stupid, and if you read the “before you comment” page, it’s not the type of submissions they want here.

    Maybe my comment before was misleading. I wanted it to sound more like this… “Oh and all you RG3 haters out there, you look very stupid right now because this kid looks like everything you could ever want in a franchise QB”

    That’s all I wanted to say. Have the guts to admit you were wrong people.

  • Jaker

    “But he would have Greg Little”- no one

  • BenRM

    I don’t know how many people hated him. (I thought there were more questions about him than there apparently are). But I do think a lot of people DID question the supposed price tag.

    I admit he is a better player than I expected him to be at this early stage in his career. But i certainly didn’t expect him to be bad.

  • Garry_Owen

    I knew what you meant. I was just having some fun with logic (admittedly at your expense). Apologies if it felt harsh.
    Still, I think it’s pretty weird to rejoice in being “right” (in this instance, an imaginary, arbitrary, and unquantifiable state) about a player that would never have been on our team. What’s the point, except to feel better (which I hope you do)? I hereby award you one “Internet Opinion Champion Badge.” (I have 4 of them, myself.)
    [I am, however, still very – exceedingly, even – glad that Griffin is not on our team.]

  • Jaker

    Thank you, I have been waiting for that badge my entire life. There is no greater accomplishment for unfortunate Cleveland fans. I’d like to thank the Academy…