PFT: Banner Hopes for Long-Term Leadership Stability

New Browns CEO Joe Banner joined Pro Football Talk’s live video spot Friday for an exclusive interview talking about his plans for the franchise. In Mike Florio’s summary on the 15-minute-long video, he shared this highlight on Banner’s hope that after possible offseason changes, the Browns leadership remains the same for the long-run:

Banner also said that, despite the various changes in offensive and defensive philosophy in recent years, more changes to the approaches on offense and defense and, in turn, the personnel could be coming.  But if there’s another wave of changes, they will be the last changes for a while.  The Browns under owner Jimmy Haslam plan to take a long-term view, finding people and principles they trust and sticking with them, in the hopes of establishing the kind of continuity every team needs in order to succeed.

Be certain to hear the rest of Banner’s comments, especially when paired with his June appearance on the PFT show. It’s pretty intriguing to look back and see how everything was reported then about Banner’s possible involvement, and where things stand today.

Here is an embedded copy of the video from PFT:

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  • Bryan Waddell

    Here we go again…

  • Ezzie Goldish

    Nice line from 6:20 or so – “they’re three into a plan that is at least showing some signs of success” etc. I actually believe they will take a serious look at everyone after the season, and I really liked how he’s approaching it. They’re open, they’re not stuck on any one system, it seems. I think that if we see a continued growth this year we may see Heckert stick and possibly even Shurmur (though that one seems somewhat less likely).