Trent Richardson Named Browns’ Captain for Sunday

The Cleveland Browns coaching staff has named rookie running back Trent Richardson as the fourth captain for the team’s upcoming contest against the Cincinnati Bengals. Having one captain representing each side of the ball, the team has used the “fourth captain” spot as a rotating means of reward.

“It’s most definitely [an honor],” said Richardson following Wednesday’s practice. “To be a game captain, it means a lot to me. It’s an honor and it’s a privilege really. It means the guys have a lot of respect for me, it means I’ve earned and I’ve learned a lot since I’ve been here.”

On the season, Richardson, the third-overall pick in the most recent NFL Draft, has amassed 303 yards and court touchdowns on 81 rushing attempts, adding 169 yards and an additional touchdown through the air. Despite his production, the Browns remain 0-5 and will face a division foe to which they have already lost during the 2012 season.

“There’s still a lot to go as far as my potential and as far as this year, there’s still a lot to go for us as a football team,” said Richardson. “These guys believe in me and they are showing me and telling me that, ‘We behind you, lead us on.”

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  • Roosevelt

    Poor fellow. I almost wish they would trade him, because he has so much skill and seems like a good guy.

  • cmm13

    Cool…does this mean he can play more than 45% of the time?

    Cause that’d be swell!

  • Roosevelt

    LOL. These downvotes add a new dynamic. I was kidding, guys!

  • Hypno_Toad

    Two downvotes for you, sir.

    One for even joking about trading Richardson. Another for taking back your comment.

    Nobody likes a pushover.

  • Wow

    So much talent, yet Pat rarely uses him. All because he wants to use his system?

  • mgbode

    First, good for Trent. He has been proving himself a leader (talking with the team, how he handled the Jim Brown situation, etc.) and I have really liked him as a person (taking care of his family despite messing up and getting a girl pregnant in HS) and player (scoring a TD in every game).

    ================Now, about the silliness========================

    Trent is on pace for 260carries + 64 receptions as a rookie (324 ‘touches’)
    Not sure where this theory came about that he doesn’t get used.

    That is more than all but one of the more recent top5 RB picks:

    Adrian Peterson’s rookie year: 238carries + 19 receptions (#7 pick)
    Reggie Bush: 155+88
    Darren McFadden: 113+49
    Ronnie Brown: 207+32
    Cadillac Williams: 290+20
    Rickey Williams: 253+28

    Tomlinson had 338 carries + 59 receptions, so it is possible for a rookie to completely carry the load, but it is not the norm and is likely not something our FO/coaching staff wants to do with a potential franchise player that has a little bit of an injury history (like Peterson coming out of college)

  • Garry_Owen

    Silliness, indeed. Alternative scenarios:
    1) The Browns play Richardson for the bulk of all games and call run plays so that he’ll have “more carries.” Instead of the 0-5 record that we actually have, our record would have been . . . 0-5 – but with much larger point differentials. Fans scream that the coach is an idiot for running the ball when he should have been calling more pass plays to catch up.
    2) The Browns play Richardson the bulk of all games and he gets run-down and hurt. Fans scream that the coach is an idiot for running Richardson into the ground during his rookie year and ruining a very promising career.
    [These are just notes for when you take over. Conclusion: You can’t win, especially if the team doesn’t win.]

  • mgbode

    I will need a 50page white paper on my desk by Monday covering this issue. They need to account for all possible scenarios that would occur in the media. For instance, not only would the fans scream that I am an idiot for ruining our rookie RB, but they would also lambast me for only trying to save my job in a year of ownership change rather than looking out for the good of the franchise.

  • Jaker

    I bet I know who disliked your post… 4 times over