WFNY Podcast – 2012-10-17 – Browns ownership reflecting on Indians ownership


I got Jon on the line for the first time on a day where the Browns were the top news story. So, naturally we infused the Browns news and talk with in-depth Indians discussion. For real though, it was an interesting conversation about what the sale of the Browns has done to the perception of Indians ownership and all the differing issues surrounding both teams.

  • Has the sale of the Browns hurt the perception of the Dolan ownership?
  • Contrasting the Browns moves hiring Joe Banner with the Indians hiring of Terry Francona
  • The difference in cycle between where the Browns are perceived to be vs. the Indians
  • Who has the healthier roster and how close or far are they?
  • Boston fans and if they’ve always been the worst
  • New York Yankees fans and if they’re savvy for not paying to see this “fraud” of a team
  • Jimmy Haslam and an outsider’s perception of him and the Browns’ situation.

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  • The_Real_Shamrock

    No how bad the Tigers defense will be and how amusing the signing of Prince Fielder was to people around here? I guess being one victory from the World Series kind of put an end to all of that now.

  • mgbode


    The Tigers were built for the postseason. A couple elite arms (Verlander/Scherzer) and a few elite bats (Fielder/Miggy/Austin Jax). The main question was if their weaknesses (bullpen and defense) would do them in over the long haul of the regular season. It almost did.

    and, it’s not as if their bullpen hasn’t given them scares in the postseason. they have just been able to overcome them (so far).

    have to give Miggy credit on tracking down the foul ball from the shift last night though. i don’t think he has ever run that far at one time in his entire life!

  • NamedMyKidPrice

    I get blasted for saying RG3 is transcendent and you use the word elite with Scherzer and AJax? Come on now. They are good and I think AJax may be elite someday but elite should be reserved for top 5 at a position. (I understand Max was second in the league behind Verlander in K’s but he’s not “Elite”.)

  • mgbode

    no, you got blasted for saying that top FAs signed with the Redskins because of RGIII.

    I challenge you to find 5 better CFers than Austin Jackson (and defense counts too). He had 55 extra base hits with an OBP of .377.

    if you want to put Scherzer into the “very good” category, then that is okay by me. his 3.85 SO/BB ration was really good though. he can give up HRs, but did a better job this year.

    here, leave it to fangraphs to express it better than I could:

    Over his last 19 starts, Scherzer was pretty much a fantasy ace. 11-3
    record, a 2.53 ERA and 143 punch-outs in 117.1 IP. Opponents were
    hitting just .222/.277/.360 during that stretch, and much of that was
    attributed to his new-found ability to limit the bases on balls and keep
    the ball in the yard (at least a more normal rate).

    And down the stretch when you needed him the most in fantasy leagues,
    Scherzer went nuts — August produced four wins, a 2.25 ERA, and a 12.38
    K/9 rate. September brought two wins, a 1.91 ERA and 9.82 K/9. Over
    those two months, there wasn’t a better fantasy pitcher in the American
    League to be had.

  • mgbode has Austin Jackson the #8 overall position player in the AL in WAR from 2012:

  • NamedMyKidPrice

    I get that Jackson is good. And I probably wouldnt have said anything if I wouldnt have seen the name Max Scherzer. He is a lifetime number 2 which can never be labled as Elite unless you are in a Randy Johnson – Curt Schilling situation. I looked up the WAR before I left the comment to be honest because I knew you would bring some kind of stat back at me.

  • mgbode

    yep, and like I said, that is fair. I remove the ‘elite’ tag from Scherzer and place a “very good” tag on him instead. He is still the guy I would want on my side of any of the SP2s left in the playoffs.

  • NamedMyKidPrice

    And by the way Garcon and Morgon were two of the “Top” WR free agents this past year so I feel im not really that far off by saying what I said.

  • mgbode

    i’d argue against Morgan, but either way, they overpaid for each. I think the overpayment had more to do with getting them than trading for RGIII :)