WFNY Podcast – 2012-10-30 – Martin Rickman from SBNation and Scott previews Cavs


Last night I got a chance to talk to Cleveland resident, SBNation writer and twitter staple Martin Rickman. (@martinrickman) It was a fascinating conversation about being a blogger or post-blogger, parody Twitter accounts and being a “real person” online. Don’t tune out too quickly because I also tacked on a Cavaliers preview with Scott. Some of the audio quality is a bit hit or miss, but we were trying to get everyone’s phones to sound good through Sandy’s wrath. So, it’s only a temporary degradation in audio quality.

Also we have some good news. We’ve been added to Stitcher Radio. Selfishly it’d be great for us if you would listen to it via Stitcher because they give us stats that iTunes doesn’t. But we’re obviously still supporting both methods and are just happy that you might want to listen at all.


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