While We’re Waiting…Windy on Waiters, Carlos Hyde: Grown Man, and The New Look CSU Vikings


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Real Cavs Fans had Brian Windhorst as their podcast guest. He came out swinging on First Round pick Dion Waiters:

The surprising thing to me is the Cavs have their method of drafting. This was a violation of their method. Really getting to know a guy, getting to know his personality. They are interested in fit and character and they weren’t able to vet Waiters because he just wouldn’t give them the opportunity to, and they drafted him anyways and he’s already had some issues being in shape. He’s already, from what I can tell, pouting a little about not starting. I know in the first preseason game, he didn’t play at all in the first quarter, which he has never done before in his career and, obviously you know, Byron has taken some shots at him in the media [Ben/Real Cavs Fans]


Romeo Crennel and Brian Daboll are turning to Brady Quinn this week at QB in Kansas City. Isn’t that ironic?

Quinn struggled to get past Derek Anderson to become the starter in Cleveland, but once he did, he showed signs of brilliance. Quinn threw for 304 yards and four touchdowns in a game against Detroit, for example, but had his 2009 season cut short by a foot injury.

It’d be nearly three years before he started again.

He was traded to the Denver Broncos for Peyton Hillis, now his teammate on the Chiefs, and a couple of draft picks. He lost out on the starting job there to Kyle Orton, and Tim Tebow claimed the backup job last season, leaving Quinn searching for a place to play in 2012.

He wound up reuniting with Crennel and offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, who had just been hired by the Chiefs and who worked with Quinn during his final season in Cleveland. Now, it appears he’ll be pressed into duty against the Buccaneers. [Dave Skretta/Associated Press]


I don’t know about you, but I could always go for another Terry Francona piece:

It definitely goes to show you what his dismissal after the 2011 season did to him mentally. His divorce with Boston was particularly nasty, which likely aided the Indians during this process. Francona clearly had one word on his list of must-haves for his next job: Trust. Mark Shapiro really “rescued” Francona after he was fired by the Philadelphia Phillies in 2000, and while I wouldn’t go so far as to say this is payback, I definitely feel that both the Tribe front office (Shapiro and Antonetti) and Francona are “all in” with regards to this tenure.

In other words, you can now start calling these guys the Three Amigos. Francona signed a lucrative four-year deal with the Indians, and clearly wants to be here in some form or fashion for the long-term. If, after those four seasons, Francona is bringing winning baseball to Cleveland, Antonetti and Shapiro will still have jobs. If the opposite occurs, and Francona loses more than he wins, you’ll no doubt see Francona and Antonetti gone for sure, and likely Shapiro as well…and I doubt it will take four years. [Jim Pete/Indians Prospect Insider]


Carlos Hyde has turned the corner under Urban Meyer, just in the nick of time:

The verdict after shucking off the Huskers was beyond reasonable doubt – Hyde is for real.

“We have two good runners right now,” Meyer said. “We have a quarterback who is, obviously, ridiculous running the ball. And then we have Carlos Hyde, who is starting to earn a lot of respect.”

Last season, Hyde let his immaturity take hold of him, going to Twitter to air his grievances about the coaching staff and a lack of playing time. In the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, it is Hyde who is the evil one. But Ohio State’s Mr. Hyde has developed into a leader under the new staff. The only accusations of being evil would come from opposing coaches and players.

Hyde has gained 298 yards on the season and is averaging almost five yards per carry. He returned to action at Michigan State after missing two games from a sprained MCL suffered during the first half against Central Florida in Week 2. Kyle Rowland/Eleven Warriors


Can’t forget about the most consistent team in our city, The Cleveland State Vikings Men’s Basketball Team:

“Our motto (this season) is, ‘We must finish strong’,” Waters said.

To achieve that goal, the Vikings will have to find a way to replace the total production of departed lettermen Trey Harmon, Jeremy Montgomery, D’Aundray Brown and Aaron Pogue. The four senior starters accounted for 40.0 points, 13.9 rebounds and 8.1 assists per game last season.

Waters acknowledged that the top challenge facing the 2012-13 Vikings is finding a way to replace those lost points.“The issue is, who’s going to take the big shots? This group will have to identify who is the go-to guy,’’ Waters said. [David Glasier/Morning Journal]


  • maxfnmloans

    So Waiters is pouting about not starting in the NBA when he was a 6th man in college? Yikes. Maybe Trent Richardson should talk to him about how a rookie should approach his first season

  • mgbode

    “Quinn struggled to get past Derek Anderson to become the starter in Cleveland, but once he did, he showed signs of brilliance”

    wait, what? how can he say this with any seriousness? he notes Quinn’s one 300yd game against a terrible Lion’s secondary as if it validates him without noting that it was his 8th career start or that it came a week after a 13/31 99yd 0TD 2INT performance.

    that magical 300yd game against the Lions was also the only time in Quinn’s 12 career starts that he had a YPA over 7. And, he only had 2 other games over 6.0 YPA.

  • mgbode

    or BW is speculating that Waiters is pouting because Byron Scott is using a firm hand on him and making sure he has control over his rookie in the early preseason.

    maybe BW should spend less time wildly speculating and more time reporting news of things he is privvy to like when upcoming FAs meet with the owners of a team that is after them during the season. Naw, that’d make him a journalist.

  • boomhauertjs

    If Waiters has attitude issues, at least the Cavs have a coach who will do his best to whip him into shape. Imagine if Mike Brown was the coach…

  • maxfnmloans

    there is no gravy train for Windhorst to sop up being a Waiters sycophant so he is free to speculate as wildly as he pleases. His biscuits still have plenty of gravy from his benefactor, who he may not speak ill of

  • JNeids

    If Shapiro, Antonetti, and Francona are the Three Amigos, which one is Lucky Day, which one is Dusty Bottoms, and which is Ned Nederlander?

  • Jack

    Seriously. Maybe Charlie Weis was writing under a pseudonym…

  • Natedawg86

    Any word on Francona’s contract ($$)? Would be interesting

  • Harv 21

    This “While We’re Waiting” contains two clear examples of lazy opining without seeing. The Quinn piece is lazy football sabermetrics (300 yds = flash of brilliance) and Windy has sunk to the lazy ESPN-style of “have a strong take, if you’re right you look brilliant and if you’re wrong no one remembers.” Sad. I wish there was one Browns beat writer with the x’s and o’s understanding, the sources and the ability to write that Windy did with the Cavs when he was here.

  • boomhauertjs

    The tampering story disappeared real quick after the Cavs won the Kyrie lottery. #NBAConspiracies

  • http://twitter.com/jlkocher2 John Kocher

    Windhorst is out of the Cavs loop. Why can’t those who cover the Cavs get that? Last year, whenever he was interviewed on te radio he sounded like he had no clue what he was talking about and admitted he doesn’t have the same inside track since HE QUIT COVERING THE CAVS

  • C-Bus Kevin

    Hey…it’s good work if you can get it, right?

  • Grif_E

    Give me a break. “Signs of brilliance” has nothing inherent in it saying that Quinn was even a decent quarterback overall or that he had periodic good games overall. They’re SIGNS that obviously have yet to be put together into any semblance of “Good.” You’re giving way too much weight to the phrase just so you can be contrary.

  • Garry_Owen

    You’re giving way to much weight to the possibility that we might actually catch the ironic nature of your comment.
    +1, my man. Well done.

  • Garry_Owen

    “Brilliance” was clearly the wrong word. “Dreaminess” is more accurate.

  • mgbode

    BW stopped talking about it once he got the ESPN-Miami gig.

  • mgbode

    eh, Quinn had 12 starts. in start #8, he apparently had “signs of brilliance.” considering that the writer makes no mention of his struggles outside of not being able to beat out Derek Anderson, Orton, Tebow, and Cassel, I would think that there should be more to his brilliance than this one game against a terrible defense.

    now, if he would have said Quinn had a “flash of brilliance” in that Detroit game, then it would have garnered no negative response from me.

  • Charlie Weis

    I realized we have a Decided Schematic Advantage by starting Quinn on Sunday. There’s no way we’re losing. -eats cheeseburger-