While We’re Waiting … Browns Hope for First Win, Dion Waiters’ Improvement, Ubaldo Jimenez’s 2012


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I sensationally agree with all of these points about the Brownies: “So the Browns keep losing. The Cincinnati Bengals are coming up in Week Six and they’re not nearly as bad as fans hope they are. As we’re accustomed to, our anti-heroes are finding creative and exhilarating ways to lose, yet the fans who have spent fourteen years saying ‘I just wish they were competitive’ are now complaining even harder about losing (side note: did you really expect the Browns to beat the New York Giants? Really? If yes, why? How? Don’t be dumb.).

But from a fan’s standpoint, what now? You’re upset, sure. You’re a little disappointed, of course. Do we chalk this season up as a failure? Do we complain about virtually everything we can think of? Do we continue to act like the front office enjoys losing? If we do that, I’m going to hate all of you. A lot.” [Kevin Nye/Dawg Pound Daily]

“Could one player make that much of a difference? Sadly, no. Well… maybe? Naw. He’s really good. OK, but he’s just a cornerback. Please excuse my muddled mind. When obsessing over the Cleveland Browns, the space between my ears is a very dark and confusing space. Joe Haden is back for Sunday’s 1 p.m. game against the Cincinnati Bengals. In the last four games in which he was suspended for using a banned substance, the Browns lost all four and allowed 274.3 yards passing in each game. Could Haden’s return end the Browns’ 11-game losing streak? Me thinks his return does not guarantee the Browns an automatic victory Sunday. The great game of football relies on too many players to perform.” [Don Delco/The Orange & Brown Report]

From the other side, the Bengals hope for a win to stay in the playoff race: “The Bengals currently enjoy a 42-36 record in the series on the strength of a current 13-3 run. However, of those 16 matchups, 12 have been decided by ten points or less, which means that no matter which team is up, and which team is down, it’s always a fight for a win. This Sunday looks to continue the trend, with the Bengals trying to bounce back from a tough loss to Miami and get the offense going again, and the Browns continuing to play well, losing several close games this season. If the Bengals are going to avoid a second straight loss, and make it to 4-2 on the season, they will need to once again defeat their rivals from the north. Here are some keys to doing just that.” [Vance Meek/Stripe Hype]

While scouting the Bengals, you have to keep in mind this key to the contest, as it burned the Browns just a few weeks ago: “#3 – Adam Jones in the Return Game: On both kickoffs and punt returns, CB Adam Jones and WR Brandon Tate rotate reps on kickoff and punt returns. Back in Week 2, it was Jones’ 81-yard return, which included a ton of missed tackles, that forced the Browns into catchup mode the rest of the way. Since that game, neither Jones nor Tate have broken the big return, and Cleveland’s coverage units have started to get better. The Browns should not be afraid to punt the ball to Jones, considering that he was only on the highlight reel for missed tackles versus superior moves in the first place.” [Chris Pokorny/Dawgs By Nature]

Covering some of the highlights from Friday’s preseason game: “Dion Waiters. The rookie guard didn’t just score a game-high 18 points off the bench. He went 7-for-12 shooting and buried all four of his 3-pointers. Most impressively, Waiters entered the game in the second half with his team leading by just two points. The Cavs, thanks mostly to Waiters, quickly extended it to nine.” [Sam Amico/Fox Sports Ohio]

Our very own Ben also shared his take from the game: “Hopefully this performance by Waiters will soothe some nerves. While Waiters has shown flashes here and there, these early exhibition games have left much to be desired. Friday night was the first time that Dion looked comfortable among his NBA peers. Friday night was the first time we’ve seen what Byron Scott, Chris Grant and co saw when they took him fourth overall.

With Gibson playing off the ball (have we all come to grips that Boobie will never be a Real NBA Point Guard? And if you haven’t, watch the final 0:45 of Friday’s game), Waiters played point and ran the offense for the second unit. His jumper was falling, he attacked the rim and he used his quickness to set up his as well as set up his teammates (Waiters and Zeller pick & roll! Woot!). Waiters wasn’t tentative. He wasn’t rushing anything. He just played his game. It was fairly impressive.” [Ben Cox/Ben Blog]

Very harsh words from the leader of the IPI staff in awarding Ubaldo Jimenez the Least Valuable Indian honor: “I know I have been hard on the guy since he arrived, but I’m not just piling on here. The season Ubaldo Jimenez had was one of the worst I have ever seen from a starting pitcher deemed to have front-of-the-rotation stuff. He was a mess all season and at times did not look like he even cared. His acquisition has been a train wreck since Day 1 and in a lot of ways his demeanor on the mound is representative of everything that is wrong with the organization. Buyout or not, if I were GM, I’d just decline his option this offseason, wipe my hands clean, and be done with him. If he returns next season it will be his last no matter what, so just save us all the agony of watching him for another season and cut the cord now.” [Tony Lastoria/Indians Prospect Insider]

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    ESPN has asked the NFL and MLB to cancel all games today so that the network can devote every available broadcast minute to Derek Jeter’s ankle.

  • ScoobySnacks

    Calm down, give Ubaldo till the All-Star break in 2013.

  • Dee P

    Not to be a jerk about it…but I can make a rational case every week why the Browns can win every game. I’m disappointed by the record, but I’m loving this year’s brand of football I’m watching every Sunday. So yeah….I expected them to beat the Giants, as I expect them to win today.