While We’re Waiting…The President Talks Cavs, Tristan Taking Care of His Friend, And Jennings a Future Brown?


President Barack Obama actually weighed in on the Cavs with 92.3’s Andy Baskin

Byron [Scott] is a fine coach, and does a great job, Kyrie not just met expectations, he exceeded them. He showed what he could do last year, and despite occasional injuries, he’s just a solid player that doesn’t make a lot of rookie mistakes, has a shot, good off the dribble, knows how to find the open man, it’s a lot of talent at the point guard position, (the Cavs) just need to round it out. [David Zavac/Fear The Sword]


A day old, but Cleveland-based NBA Agent to be Rich Paul May Have Put Himself In A Pickle

The NCAA is looking into the possibility that Rich Paul, the representative of Miami Heat star LeBron James, provided improper benefits to University of Texas sophomore guard Myck Kabongo, sources told Yahoo! Sports.

James and two former Texas Longhorns – Cleveland Cavaliers forward Tristan Thompson and San Antonio Spurs guard Cory Joseph – are represented by Paul’s new management company, Klutch Sports. Paul also called NBA front offices on behalf of Kabongo before this year’s NBA draft, sources said.

“We’re aware of the situation,” Texas basketball media relations official Scott McConnell said. “But we have not heard any decisions from the NCAA.” [Adrian Wojnarowski/Yahoo Sports]


And a follow up – Tristan Thompson says he was the one helping out his childhood friend:

“I actually had to pay for it, but then his brother reimbursed me, which is totally fine by the NCAA,” Thompson said. “I don’t see no eligibility issues, but that’s for the NCAA to figure out.”

Thompson said he gave proof to the NCAA that Kabongo’s brother, Billy, reimbursed him.

“Me and (Kabongo) went to high school together and we’ve been through a lot,” Thompson said. “They (the NCAA) are not knocking the friendship, they understand that. They just want to make sure no outside sources are helping finance that trip. No one else did and we have the proof to show them. That’s what I provided to them and we’ll go from there.” [Jason Lloyd/Akron Beacon-Journal]


Should the Browns target Greg Jennings this offseason to solve their veteran receiver problem?

The Green Bay Packers have their own list of issues on offense. That sounds almost impossible since this is the same group that scored 567 points a year ago. The maestro of the act was MVP Aaron Rodgers who threw an astonishing 46 touchdown passes. What a difference a year makes. Suddenly the Packers offense is out of whack. Rodgers has gotten sacked 21 times in just five games and the loss of running back Cedric Benson exposed how poorly Green Bay can score without balance on offense. The bigger question is what the future holds for top Packers receiver Greg Jennings? For year he has become a favorite target of Rodgers but most experts think 2012 is his last season in green and gold. Jennings becomes a free agent next year and the Packers may not want to spend the money with other stars like Clay Matthews and B.J. Raji needing new deals too.

Either way the Cleveland Browns won’t have many chances to get a real difference-maker on offense. Greg Jennings has some red flags but he is a Pro Bowl talent in his prime. If the Green Bay Packers will listen then a deal can help both teams. [Erik Lambert/Gather]


Deadspin thinks maybe the Browns aren’t as bad as everyone thinks:

The Cleveland Browns have lost, dating back to last season, 11 games in a row. This is not good. But it’s instructive to look at where those losses have come from. Working backward: by 14 points at the Giants, by seven at the Ravens, by 10 against the Bills, by seven at the Bengals, by one against the Eagles, by four against the Steelers, by six against the Ravens, by three (in overtime) at the Cardinals, by 11 at the Steelers, by 14 against the Ravens, and by three at the Bengals. None of those losses was a blowout (most of them were very close!), and all but one of them came at the hands of a good football team.

What about Weeden? He could be much worse. He’s got 1,288 yards (good!). a 55.4 percent completion rate (not good), and nine interceptions (bad, but partially bad luck). But has anyone looked at a Browns depth chart lately? Weeden is throwing to Greg Little (who has only 11 receptions yet five drops), rookie Josh Gordon, and Josh Cribbs, who is great with the returning but not so great with the receiving. Mohamed Massaquoi, Jordan Norwood, and Travis Benjamin (another rookie)—really, these are all receivers whom the Browns trusted—have missed time with injuries this year. [Jack Dickey/Deadspin]

  • boomhauertjs

    Jennings and his injuries have been killing my fantasy team this year, so he might as well kill my regular team as well. (actually I would support this move since this team desperately needs a veteran WR)

  • mgbode

    Is it bad that the only thing I got out of the Kabongo articles is that he is super-close friends with TT and wondering if he could manipulate his draft status to drop to us somewhere?

  • mgbode

    ummm, yeah. Greg Jennings will miss a few games a year, but he’s an elite deep threat. He will be 30yo next season, but the structure of NFL contracts allows us to take such risks.

    and it’d be nice to finally have a 2nd round WR who produces :)

  • Harv 21

    was gonna say something about the risks of paying big bucks to a 30 year old WR, then caught myself and slammed my head against a filing cabinet. Yes, Jennings, whatever. Nurse, get me some competence, experience and professionalism, stat. If he has a few grey whiskers and the respect of young knucklehead peacocks at the position, all the better. Go!

  • BenRM

    Amen. Ditto.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeremy-Humbert/100001904340553 Jeremy Humbert

    Not to mention that he is an upgrade when he is hurt, to our current.y hurt wr’s. I think this is a fantastic idea… Lead the young men Greggy!

  • Natedawg86

    Trade GB B. Jackson for Jennings and swap them 2nd round picks.

  • Steve

    It’s not our money, so sure, why not. But he looks like he’s on the decline (certainly not in his prime), and, as usual, would probably want a bit extra to have to come to Cleveland. This team isn’t close enough to invest in that.

  • Dee P

    If we do sign Jennings, then do we agree we go CB, LB in rounds 1 and 3 in draft?

  • mgbode

    in my opinion, our biggest needs are:

    CB2, DE, FS – on defense
    WR1, TE, OG – on offense

    TEs and OGs can be found in the middle rounds. Sometimes, so can FS`s. So, if we sign Jennings, then I would expect we’d try to get in position for the best CB or DE in our draft range.

    Of course, if one of the stud LBers falls to us and is BPA, I am not going to complain.

  • Dee P

    Not saying we are set at DE. But we have lacked a play-making OLB for years. Really since Jamir. A stud OLB (not sure you can get a stud in Rd. 3) would fill the need of a DE and improve LB corps, no?

  • brownstowner

    All aboard the Greg Jennings train. He will carry us to the promised land.