College Football Rumors: Maryland and Rutgers to join Big Ten?

The number ten in the name “Big Ten” might be about to get even sillier according to an ESPN report that indicates Maryland is negotiating and that it could pave the way for Rutgers to follow suit.

A source told that the Big Ten has been itchy about further expansion since Notre Dame made its official move to the ACC two months ago in all sports other than football. The source said the Big Ten can justify Maryland and then possibly Rutgers since they are all contiguous states to the Big Ten footprint.

Obviously WFNY will have a lot more should this news develop further. Welcome to the East Coast Big Ten.

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  • MrCleaveland

    What the hell, let’s get Syracuse, Texas Tech, Brigham Young, Montana State, Fresno State, and New Mexico while we’re at it and become the Big Twenty. Then we can add two more divisions and call them the Totally Awesome Division and the Better Than You Division. Then we could add some wild cards and have three or four rounds of playoffs. Then we should kick Minnesota out and replace them with the U.

  • KillerNut

    Maryland gives us a good football team and a decent athletic program. Rutgers gives us yet another AAU school. Wish we could land a Syracuse instead but I will take it

  • Steve

    I know this is sarcasm, but you have to be able to see the benefit in getting the Big Ten Network in the markets that Maryland and Rutgers can get you into. Sure, the programs are meh, but getting the BTN into NYC, Baltimore and DC is a huge get.

  • mgbode

    this is why we passed on Pitt & Syracuse as well. they didn’t give us much as far as network value. Rutgers & Maryland give more.
    these would be good gets for the conference. and, obviously, we need more teams with a tint of red as their primary color.

  • mgbode

    also of note:
    Maryland is becoming the Under Armour team (like Oregon is the Nike team). That could be why they consider this move despite $50mil exit fee from the ACC. Still, that fee means this is not a done deal yet.

  • Blue_Guybrush

    Wow. Too many damn teams. 12 is enough. too many already.

  • NoVA Buckeye

    Here’s what happens: Maryland and Rutgers join the Big Ten. Virginia Tech will want in the Big Ten. Jim Delaney will laugh at VT and grab UVA instead. Then, Delaney and Gene Smith will convince Jack Swarbrick that the ACC is falling apart and that they should join the Big Ten and rule the world. Swarbrick accepts and Notre Dame joins the Big Ten, forming the second Superconference in NCAA history (late 80s WAC) and have 4 divisions:

    East division:
    Penn State
    Central Division:
    Ohio State
    Michigan State
    Southwest Division:
    Notre Dame
    Northwest Division:

  • MrCleaveland

    Well if it’s just about TV markets, then the Big Ten should also invite Harvard, Columbia, Duquesne, Temple, Rice, TCU, USF, etc. Because money isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.

  • Grif_E

    These expansions are disgusting. When the TV money dries up there will be chaos.

  • Steve

    They tried to get into Texas. I’m not sure TCU has enough pull there yet though. And the rest of the schools you listed definitely don’t have the pull.

  • Steve

    When do you expect the TV money to dry up? Sports has become probably the most profitable thing for TV. The cost to produce a show is low for the network, the shows are safe bets, for the most part, games are DVR-proof, meaning that you sit through the ads, and the vast majority of people who watch the games are the exact demographic that advertisers want to hit. It’s a win for everyone involved.

  • MrCleaveland

    Again, I was just being sarcastic by referring to TV markets, not pull: Boston, NYC, The Pitts, Philly, Houston, Dallas (I should have said SMU, not TCU), San Francisco, etc.

    As for Rutgers and Maryland, who cares about them? No one I know.