Contest time: Win a four-pack of tickets for Leg Lamp bobble night

A Christmas Story Leg Lamp KeyBank

We strive to be a family friendly site here at WFNY, which is why we are pumped to be able to offer up a FOUR pack of tickets to Wednesday night’s Cavaliers vs Bulls game courtesy of the Cavs and Keybank!

Here are some details of the event-

“The Cavaliers will celebrate Warner Bros.’ All-American classic A Christmas Story with Bobble Leg Lamp Night presented by KeyBank, on Wednesday, December 5th, when the team takes on the Chicago Bulls at 8:00 p.m. The night will be filled with the fun, laughter and many memories of the movie that was filmed in part right here in Cleveland, and has become a holiday viewing tradition for families everywhere.

All fans in attendance to Wednesday’s game will receive a miniature version of one of the most recognizable movie props of all time – a limited edition A Christmas Story Bobble Leg Lamp! “Indescribably beautiful,” these exclusive figurines feature a bobbling shade and are packaged in a classic “FRA-GEE-LAY” cardboard crate, making it an instant collectible. Each giveaway comes with special ‘’text-to-win” instructions to give fans at the game an opportunity to win a full size Leg Lamp!

The Cavs game night presentation will pay tribute to Ralphie and the Parker family and all the lovable characters in the 1983 Christmas classic. Fans will enjoy the fun as the Cavs incorporate many of the movie’s signature moments into the evening. Special A Christmas Story-themed performances by the Cavs game entertainment teams and antics that include super-sized FRAGILE crates and pink bunny suits will get everyone into the holiday spirit.”

In addition, Key Bank is offering a sweepstakes with some great prizes-

-Private suite for the Cleveland Cavaliers-Atlanta Hawks game

-A Christmas Story – House & Museum Special VIP Tour of the A Christmas Story House

-Key Bank Limo pickup for an early, pre-game Chinese Turkey dinner at Bac Asian American Bistro & Bar

-$500 Key Possibilities® MasterCard® Gift Card


WFNY readers, to enter to win our four pack of tickets, please leave a comment with your favorite December holiday family tradition. Can’t wait to read them. As always, make sure the email you use to comment with is valid, and one entry per household please.

Winner will be selected at halftime of the Browns/Raiders game. Good luck!


  • BJB

    Baking fudge with the family, in which we multiply the recipe by 4, so it will last well into February.

  • ThatAlex

    Ironically, it’s watching A Christmas Story every year!

  • JNeids

    Getting together on the first night of Chanukah and pretending I didn’t chip a tooth on nana’s hockey puck latkes.

  • Ed Aldrich

    When my family gets together on Christmas Eve, we print and cut out each line from “Twas the Night Before Christmas” and divvy out each line around the room. It then becomes a game to try and recite your line(s) in proper order as we read the story together.

  • Lou G

    Every Cristmas eve the whole famly sits down and watches How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The cartoon version of course.

  • Jay

    My sister buys us Indians Season Home Opener tickets every year for Christmas. Gotta love that first game….a feeling of hope before it gets crushed. Normally in the 3rd inning.

  • Brad

    Clearly it’s the Christmas Day trip to the movies. Only time all year my whole family goes to see a movie together.

  • Shri

    my mom will blast christmas music early in the morning to wake everyone up and we all sit around the christmas tree and open gifts together. Oh and lots of hot-cocoa.

  • mrickman

    watching home alone about a million times is my favorite holiday tradition, but i guess i do that other times throughout the year so i would say just busting out ‘scrooged’ and ‘christmas vacation’ as many times as possible too.

  • Stacey Markovic

    Getting or giving Cavs tickets for some point during the holidays. This year my Dad and I have matching crutches but that wont stop us!


    My wife’s family always buys ornaments for each other with some significance to the previous year…it’s always good to see the stuff people come up with when everyone opens their ornament.

    On a side note….please someone make a t-shirt or bobble lamp like this…

  • boomhauertjs

    New Year’s Eve party at our house with all of our friends.

  • Candice Vlcek

    Here’s a brief synopsis of every year. My mom calls at 6am & leave voicemail. “First wave of french toast is done if you’re hungry”. 25 minutes later. “Second wave of french toast is done if you’re awake”. 15 minutes later: “Christian wanted waffles, so if you’re hungry, I’ve got waffles and pancakes”. I’ll spare the rest. In the end, I wind up at my moms for Christmas breakfast around 8:30. LOL

  • Cooley Ford

    Every Christmas eve, we all play monopoly until we get into a drunken argument over mortgages and someone flips the board over.

  • toejomino

    The food: Christmas Eve is spaghetti with tomato clam sauce, shrimp, pizza, fried smelts (OK, not so much the smelts), and lots of deserts. Christmas day is basically Thanksgiving 2, and who can argue with that?

  • Jon

    My favorite holiday tradition is driving with the family out to Illinois to visit family friends.

  • Return of the (Alex) Mack

    That is a great shirt idea.

  • MrCleaveland

    Ha haaaaa! That is stupendously D-awesome!

    From Lou the Toe to Phil the Major Award

  • Jaker

    On Christmas Day, every year since I was born, my father, mother, sister and I wake up bright and early in Spring Lake, New Jersey and spend all day driving to Youngstown, Ohio to see my fathers side of the family (he is the second youngest of 8, born and raised in Y-town where most of our family lives). Sometimes when we are lucky, there is a Browns game that week that we all watch at the Royal Gardens.

    Everyone has their own tradition, but my car ride in the family suburban is something that I think of every time I hear the word Chistmas. It’s unique, and I love it.

    Merry Christmas.

  • Michael Kaus

    We always eat Chinese on Christmas… just like the movies.

  • Brian Musick

    Watching Home Alone!

  • woofersus

    After the dust and wrapping paper has settled on Christmas day everybody gets together at my parents place (parents, siblings, spouses, in-laws, and a few family friends – it’s a crowd) for family game night. It’s a great time.

  • Andy D

    My favorite is the Christmas Eve roast beef dinner with my whole family. (parents, grandparents, and aunts/uncles)

  • Mike

    Christmas cookie eating

  • Ryan Amos

    Now, this is a new tradition (going on the 5th year), but my friends and I get together on a designated weekend in early December and have a Christmas decorating party where we all write very specific Christmas songs on pieces of paper, put them in a fishbowl and pick 10 to listen to while we decorate. If we need more we go one by one after the ten are finished. Then we go get drunk at a bar.


    I contacted GV and they never responded…all I was looking for was a free shirt for the idea, but figured someone else might take it and run with it.

  • the_spivack

    Coming home smelling like oil after a night of latkes at a family friends house.

    Also, going to get chinese food and seeing a movie Christmas eve with my jewish friends (otherwise its a pretty lonely night)

  • SpaceBooger

    With three children ages 4, 3, and 1.5 who are now starting to be old enough to kind of “get” the Christmas holiday, we are looking forward to starting a couple of traditions.
    My favorite thus far is to clear out old toys and donate them to homes and other places of need to make way for the new ones Santa will bring.

  • Scooter

    The food is the biggest family tradition that sticks out in my mind as well. The amount of food consumed in the month of December in my family is unprecedented.

  • Big Fan

    Our favorite tradition is the gift wrapping marathon that takes place from 11:00pm Christmas Eve until the wee hours of Christmas morning, of course this also includes eating all the goodies meant for Santa :)

  • Killernut

    Our families 11 Christmas trees. It takes over 48 hours and we have a tree in the bathroom, but it makes my sister smile so we do it.

  • johnb3717

    Fish dinner on Christmas Eve

  • Jason Sims

    Every Christmas morning we have a breakfast buffet at my grandma’s house with every breakfast food imaginable then the entire family naps. It is by far my favorite meal of the year and my favorite tradition.

  • josh

    Watching TBS presents 24 hours of “A Christmas Story.”

  • fmayse

    Every Christmas my mom gives me a pair of pajamas. Often, it’s unnecessary, or weird or creepy. But I still appreciate it.

  • Andrew

    My favorite tradition is our secret santa with gag/joke gifts. $15 limit on the gifts and it is so much fun. Also love watching the 24hr A Christmas Story marathon(not just saying this because its a the promotion. I really do watch it haha)

  • SummitOmar

    As usual I have included the question with my answer.
    Please leave a comment with your favorite December holiday family tradition.

    My favorite family holiday tradition is waking up with my 8 year old little brother and watching his excitement on Christmas morning. His joy and wonder on Christmas morning is unparalleled.

  • Dave Whittaker

    Our “Griswold” family trip to cut down our tree at Fred’s Christmas Tree Farm in Valley City.

  • cleveland chick

    My favorite tradition is to fight over whether or not to make the lights on the tree blink

  • Dan1188

    Me and family pick a night in December to go to downtown Cleveland and eat dinner at Tower City and after that we walk around outside to see the Christmas lights.

  • Michael Ingelido

    My favorite Holiday Tradion is the Christmas Day basketball! I just wish the CAVS would be in them again.

  • Jason Sunkle

    My favorite family tradition is going Christmas tree hunting with my family. We go down to the pine tree barn in Shreve and we get our tree, usually with at least one comparison of a tree to my father’s figure.
    After we get our tree we eat at the barn restaurant, it’s always a good time with family and the food is delicious!

  • Andy

    Its gotta be those Christmas morning mimosas while opening presents and eating breakfast!

  • Leia

    My favorite part of the holiday season is heading out to the country and cutting down our own tree!

  • Ryan

    I love spending time with my family on Christmas Eve while playing a bunch of board/card games.

  • Natedawg86

    Pickle Prize – We have an pickle ornament hidden on the tree and everyone looks for it. Hard to find because it is green and blends in. Whoever finds it first wins the prize (usually a gag gift like a Obama Chia head or something like that) and has to purchase the gift and hide the pickle next year.