Game 9: Browns-Ravens Open Thread


Might we be able to go streaking?

A win against the Ravens today would give the Browns an honest-to-God win streak AND they’ll have won two-in-a-row within the division.

While I’m not super duper confident heading into this game, there is some reason for optimism. The Browns played the Ravens fairly well in Baltimore (without Joe Haden), Phil Taylor is making his season debut and the Ravens have been hurt by injuries.

Over their last three games, Baltimore’s Ray Lewis-less defense has given up an astonishing 622 yards on the ground. Things seems primed for Trent Richardson to have a monster game.

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This is your Browns-Ravens open thread.



  • C-Bus Kevin

    You know…it’s not the penalty on the Gordon touchdown that really gets to me. It’s the 8 other drives where they accomplish next to nothing and end up with a field goal or less.

    This will make 10 in a row to the Ravens. Suggs said it best…

    “I’ve made my living on the Browns.”

    After 10 straight wins, that is an accurate statement.

  • Harv 21

    pretty inexplicable. Not like Weeden had the hot hand. Reeks of panic, when he’s been so passive previously.

  • browniebob

    sorry fella’s……it doesnt look like weedon is the solution….gun of an arm but he doesnt get the ball there in time….he is 1 or 2 seconds too slow….which is a one way ticket out of NFL…..even Reed interception…look at it…Benjamin had him beat…that throw leads Benjamin and its a TD…..the kid is afraid and/or unsure how to throw downfield…and its too bad becuase this team is better than you think

  • Rob

    Playcalling as an absolute wreck. Running every timr on first down with no play action, opting for shotgun formations, was absolutely ridiculous. Please fire this staff.

  • Jack

    Worst. Comment. Ever.

  • Randman1961

    One of the Brown’s biggest problems since 1999 has been changing coaching staffs and throwing new systems at young players every couple of years. So while I’m generally not in favor of it, after watching the Browns blow another winnable game against the Ravens with questionable play calls and horrible time management maybe it’s time for Shurmur to go!

  • Randman1961

    I Totally agree! Almost 4 minutes, two timeout, and the two minute warning and Shurmur decides to go for it inside our own thirty yard line. Just because you blew one game with a stupid decision, doesn’t mean you have to make another stupid decision to try to make up for it.

  • browniebob

    the kid stinks… touch on any of his passes…too hard most times….cant get the progressions down fast enough…..he wont be starting in this league for long unless he improves dramatically….

  • historycat

    I’m going to guess that Mr. Haslem hadn’t even seen coaching this bad at all the college games he went to. This game sealed Pat’s career.

  • NoVA Buckeye

    You’re not watching the same game I’m watching. Weeden is trying best with what he has to work with, but this horrible playcalling forces him to throw 2 yard outs on 3rd down because Shurmur will bench him if he doesn’t throw it.

  • Pat Shurmur

    Two great minds must think alike.