NFL News: Mike Holmgren denies being linked to potential Cowboys job

Letting the negative public relations last all of of one morning, Cleveland Browns retiring president Mike Holmgren says that he is upset at hearing his name being linked to “having interest” in a potential coaching job with the Dallas Cowboys.

“I don’t know how any of that stuff gets started,” said Holmgren, on Monday morning, in regard to a recent report by Jason LaCanfora. “I don’t know anything about it — you got it straight from the horse’s mouth. Or as some would say, ‘the horses ass'”

On Sunday evening, as the Cleveland Browns prepare to travel to Dallas to face the Cowboys, CBS Sports’ LaCanfora reported, via “sources close to Holmgren,” that, in the event there were a vacancy come the off-season, returning to the sidelines would interest him. Holmgren and Jones reportedly have ties dating back to the NFL’s competition committee, but by no means would this provide impetus to inquire about some else’s job.

“Jerry Jones and I, I consider him a friend,” Holmgren said. “We worked on the committees a long time together, but I wouldn’t do that.”

[The reported rumor] is everything I don’t believe in,” he said.

Holmgren, in making a special appearance at Pat Shurmur’s address with members of local media, stated that while he does not know what the future holds, his goal will be to help out in Berea when called upon as long as he feels that he is contributing in a positive manner. The future Hall of Fame head coach stated that the last time he spoke to anyone about his future was during his press conference which occurred in mid-October; he has not spoken to his agent Bob LaMonte in over one month.

“I was his first client and now I’m old news,” Holmgren said.

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  • MrCleaveland

    Looks like we have at least three possibilities here:

    1. Somebody leaked the truth to LaCanfora.

    2. Somebody deliberately planted a falsehood with LaCanfora.

    3. LaCanfora took a kernel of a possibility, made a gigantic assumption, jumped to a huge conclusion, and flung his fiction against the wall for giggles.

  • porckchopexpress

    I think its something more like this: Jerry Jones tells a confidant/underling that if “he had to” replace Garret, a guy like Holmgren would be ideal. That confidant contacts either Lamonte or someone he knows will convey a message to Lamonte and the information is passed. Lamonte or someone close to Holmgren mentions the possibility of coaching in Dallas. Holmgren says it would be the ideal situation but he would “never” usurp Garrett.

    At this point someone leaks the story. That person could be from Holmgren’s side to put pressure on Jones to get rid of Garrett asap. That person could be on Jones’s side trying to nudge Holmgren into making a decision. That person could be someone close to Garrett who got wind of it and is attempting to save his job by torpedoing the whole thing publicly.

    The point is that I personally believe most of these things occur through back channels to allow the main participants (Jones Holmgren) plausible deniability if anything goes wrong.

  • mgbode

    It’s #3 but you forgot to add in that the Browns are the Cowboys next opponent in Dallas and Jerry is trying to ramp up interest in a game that frankly doesn’t excite many fans there.

    Now? Oh boy, a week of the Brown’s Holmgren possibly replacing Garrett stories. Can Holmgren fix Romo? Etc.

  • bossman09

    You would think a team president and acting owner would know how these things worked. Probably why the browns PR was handled like a spoiled child in sand box.

  • Hopwin

    Clearly the only way we will ever know is to subpoena Gen. Petraeus.

  • maxfnmloans

    one day later, Deadspin is claiming it was Bob LaMonte leaking the rumors, and pointed out how a rumor with almost the exact same verbiage was released in regards to Andy Reid and San Diego.

    Dear Mr. Haslam- while I support keeping Tom Heckert, I would also like you to make Bob LaMonte persona non grata at any Browns facility or activity. Please do not hire any more of his clients for any position, including ball washer.

    Thank you