NFL News: Pat Shurmur on Richardson and Weeden

Browns coach Pat Shurmur spoke yesterday about the game against the Cowboys, and specifically the play of his high profile rookies-

(On thoughts on Brandon Weeden and Trent Richardson transitioning from college having barely any losses) – “Most everybody that comes to the NFL, and most anybody that gets put in NFL situations comes to this league having not lost many games. Unfortunately, dealing with adversity and developing mental toughness is part of this thing as you’re building. We know there are going to be some tough days. That’s unfortunate, but that’s where it’s at. That’s why you just stay with a nice tight focus on the next game.”

(On if he’s surprised that Richardson has had trouble with three and one situations) – “I wouldn’t over think that. I really don’t. Trent’s improving each week. We’re giving him the football and giving him lots of opportunities. No, I’m not surprised by anything.”

(On if he thinks Richardson ran out of gas in the second half) – “No, I don’t think he ran out of gas. We’re going full circle now. We wanted to give it to him every play. Now we give it to him a few times, he’s getting tired. Excuse me for mentioning it.”

(On Richardson’s performance second half) – “I thought he did a lot of good things in the second half. I don’t think he got tired. There were a lot of full grown men going at it last night. That was a team pretty good against the run, as we all know. Our guys stood toe to toe and we found a way to have some success.”

(On if the problem with the fourth and one throw was Weeden was meant to throw sooner) – “That would make sense wouldn’t it? A lot of this stuff is time and distance. We have to execute better. We didn’t get it done. I really liked when he threw the touchdown and got us ahead. That was an excellent throw to Ben (Watson) down the middle.”

(On how Weeden played yesterday) – “I thought it was better than the Ravens game. He threw two touchdown passes and for the most part was pretty efficient. There were still plenty of mistakes in there, plenty of things that he can do better.”

(On if he recovered for the final two plays after having a strip sack) – “After the strip sack, I think he came out and went five for five. In other words, I think he did recover from that. As I said, there were a couple plays in there that I’m sure he wants back.”

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  • Garry_Owen

    3, 2, 1 . . . Go! Let him have it!

  • maxfnmloans

    Good luck wherever life leads you after this season Pat. Maybe you can be Uncle Mike’s QB coach in Dallas

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    A coordinator or coach is exactly what Shurmur is at this stage in his career he clearly is/was not ready to be in complete control of a team on the field.

  • jamindunn

    I just can’t stand this guy.

  • nj0

    I am no fan of Shurmur, but the longer this season drags on, the more I feel sorry for him. Like you said, he just wasn’t ready for this yet and it didn’t seem like he got the help he needed from Holmboy.

  • Natedawg86

    Garry is funny sometimes…

  • mgbode

    he’s funny all the time. it’s just that usually he is the only one that “gets” his jokes.

  • Garry_Owen

    Hey! That hurt. That really hurt. And without so much as a warning!

  • mgbode

    i’m confused. i said you were always funny :)

  • Garry_Owen

    My son thinks I’m hilarious.

  • mgbode

    mine is old enough to know better about me now

  • Jeremy Humbert

    What else could the guy say… For the first time this year, I think he gave encouraging, intelligent anwsers… Still, I think we are a decent coach away from being in this damn thing….