WFNY Mavs vs. Cavs Ticket Giveaway

WFNY Wine and Gold

WFNY is at it again! We’re giving away stuff. For free.

This is a new way of giving stuff away, so bear with us as we try it out. Click the link below to get started. This is aimed at people with Facebook and Twitter. You can enter once per day, so make sure you tweet every day for a greater chance to win. If you don’t use social media, then we’ll have to get you next time. In the meantime, go buy a nice WFNY t-shirt pictured here. The commenting-based giveaways will be back again throughout the Christmas season.

As I said, this is our first time using RaffleCopter. We don’t anticipate any issues, but as always, we reserve the right to give away free stuff in a different manner if something hits the RaffleCopter fan, er rotor.

a Rafflecopter giveaway