WFNY Podcast – 2012-11-28 – Craig talks to Denny about running really far at the JFK 50 miler

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This time we’re taking a little break from the typical Cleveland sports podcast topics. I really wanted to spend some time talking to former WFNY weekender Denny Mayo about his recent accomplishment tackling an ultra-marathon, the historic JFK 50 miler. There’s some heavy running geekery going on to be sure, but as any of you who have read Denny know, he tends to make things interesting.

  • The JFK 50 miler and its roots in history as it hits its 50th anniversary
  • Pooping and the strategy around running for nearly 12 hours
  • Soreness? You think you’ve had soreness? Try running 50 miles!
  • Stride Nation at SBN
  • The familial running community
  • How did you get started running and how did you arrive at an ultra-marathon?

Fascinating stuff for me and I think even you non-runners will really enjoy it. You can find @Stride_Nation on Twitter as well.

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  • Harv 21

    Body lubricant, nipple bleeds, poop panic … you are an eclectic bunch. Not your parents’ sports blog. Enjoyed this.

  • swig

    How did you carry the orange bear, and why wasn’t this discussed? I NEED ANSWERS!

  • Denny

    Ugh. If you did, like, ANY distance running you would know that I used a fanny pack. DUH.

  • Peter Gillette

    I REALLY enjoyed this show guys, thanks for posting. been flirting with the idea of a marathon for awhile, I have an on-again, off-again relationship with running. my personal best is 15 miles (not a race, just on my own), but one of my goals for this winter is work on the mental resolve for besting that distance. in that vein, I started Murakami’s “…Running” a week ago, and now the WFNY crew drops some more insight in my lap. much appreciated, cheers!

  • jimkanicki

    shoot, i missed this when it came out. good take. miss you denny.

    and of course, this: