WFNY Podcast – 2012-11-29 – Craig talks Browns with DP

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After talking to Denny earlier in the week, I wasn’t satisfied only talking to one former WFNY’er. So, I decided to track down DP to talk about the Browns and their upcoming matchup with the Raiders. We did talk ever so briefly about the NHL lockout because DP writes about the Blue Jackets for SB Nation, but I promise it’s only a few minutes at the beginning. We get into the Browns very quickly.

  • The Browns vs. the Raiders and how to beat them
  • Would you trade spots with some of the other teams like the Raiders that are at the bottom of NFL power rankings?
  • Where are Montario Hardesty, Chris Ogbonnaya and other guys?
  • Are disappearing players indicative of an overmatched coach?
  • The Steelers’ fans didn’t like the way they were treated last weekend. Craig and DP weigh in. (Spoiler alert, we’re not sympathetic.)
  • Tom Heckert and his teaching Browns fans the true value of draft picks.
  • Is he gone just the same?
  • And much much more…


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