While We’re Waiting… Dawson for president?


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“One of the banners blowing in the breeze at Cleveland Browns Stadium was one that said “Dawson for President.” With the presidential election being held in just two days, there are some Browns fans who might cast their ballot the Browns kicker as a write in candidate.

“I don’t think I’m electable,” Dawson said with a smile. However, if an election was held for the Browns Most Valuable Player it would be hard to argue against Dawson being the landslide winner.” [Greetham/The Orange and Brown Report]


“So if you noticed a trend regarding minutes needing to increase for starters let us jump into our first negative of the year: the bench. Holy hell. They’ve been absolutely horrible. Leads vanish, deficits grow, they can’t score, they can’t defend. I’ll stop there because Jim Mora-like rants are for the spoken word. It appears in the 2nd half in Milwaukee that Byron Scott realized he has to stagger in subs to have even a puncher’s chance. Let’s hope that trend continues. So far this season our bench has been outscored 152-73 and frankly most of our points came in garbage time vs Chicago. Byron Scott has to tinker with this rotation more. While Casspi, Jon Leuer, and Slim Samuels are racking up DNP’s, Luke Walton is getting minutes. I’ll stop the piling on here because as bad as he’s been the reason the bench has been unbearable to watch is the mere fact that the only scorers on it, Boobie and CJ Miles, have combined to shoot 10-37 thus far. This group, whatever the rotation of players are going forward, will have to improve by leaps and bounds or it’ll single handedly assure us of another trip to the lottery.” [Nagel/Stepien Rules]


“Aside from the horrendous seven minutes fueled by the Sloan – Gibson – Miles – Walton – Zeller quintet, the Cavs were the better team last night. They were a Brandon Jennings buzzer-beater away from overtime. This seems encouraging, as on the second night of a back-to-back, on the road, against a possible playoff team; last night was the type of game I could foresee the Cavs being dominated. They were not though. After falling behind, they clawed back to take the lead early in the third. The teams traded buckets the rest of the way, until Milwaukee stretched to a seven-point lead with under two-minutes remaining, as Cleveland showed a shocking inability to contain Mike Dunleavy or Larry Sanders. If last night serves as any indication; those two may receive All-Star invites, with their 46 points befuddling Cleveland on only 21 field goal attempts. At the end though of course, Mr. Clutch, Kyrie Irving scored seven points in the last minute-and-a-half to force a tie. A desperation Milwaukee buzzer beater sealed Cleveland’s losing fate, and the Bucks walked away 105 to 102 victors. The battle of the bench was won by Milwaukee 62 to 15.” [Hetrick/Cavs the Blog]


So I get told we don’t cover small Ohio schools enough, and that we don’t cover other sports enough. Fine. Here’s a bone. The Ohio Northern University Soccer team had the OAC ‘goal of the year’. Happy? [youtube]


Finally, this may be taking tailgating to a place none of us should really go. [Watson/Shutdown Corner]

  • mgbode

    Can we just put Dawson on the ring of honor now?

  • mgbode

    Toledo is the MAC BCS representative this week at 25 (with an assist from the Buckeyes as without their exclusion, they would get pushed out):

    Please explain how Rutgers is ranked ahead of them though as Rutgers has proven they cannot compete with MAC schools (KentState!!!).


    on the Big10 side, Indiana v. Wisconsin is likely a play-in game for the Big10 championship. No, really. Indiana.

    and, the dream of an Indiana v. NW matchup still lives. It’s on life-support (NW needs help – they can beat Michigan this weekend, but already lost to Nebraska so the Huskers likely need to lose 2 out of 3).

  • Harv 21

    I want Phil Dawson out of here for conduct detrimental to the team. There is zero doubt he’s the best kicker in Browns history and he’s the only player since ‘99 you could even mention as a HOF candidate with a straight face (maybe Thomas soon). And, as happens with kickers some time, he’s better right now, this season, than he was 3-4 years ago. Ridiculous how good he is in some of the worst wind and field conditions in the league.

    And that seems to be a problem for this team. His reliability and range feed a coach’s inherent conservative nature/fear of being second-guessed. The coach take the ball out of the QB’s hands and psyche when you want that young QB to develop a winner’s killer instinct because, hey, 3 points are sitting right there for you like a ripe plum on a low branch. Phil never misses from 30-39 yards, almost never from 40-50. If the kicker would just screw the pooch a few times that would factor into everyone’s outlook. More drives with the intention of touchdowns, less with the intention of getting close to Phil’s range and what happens after that, whatever, freaky-deaky, we got some points. So, g’bye Phil, and thanks for your service.

    I’m only half joking.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    I would call the Cavs 2nd unit a “train wreck”, but that would be way more interesting than what they are. They’re more like being stuck in rush-hour traffic for 10 minutes. There’s nothing remotely interesting about it… it’s just really freaking irritating.

  • mgbode

    also, fun to note that GaTech can still potentially get to the Orange Bowl. Even if they finish 6-7 (would have to have a big upset in ACC-Champ, but outside of that it really could happen if they beat Duke this weekend).