While We’re Waiting… Doubting Scott’s second unit


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“Walton was awful after his initial three possessions on the court in the second quarter. Playing out of position at the power forward spot, he received minutes over more qualified players (I’ll get into that later). During his time on the floor, Walton made me long for the glory days of Ryan Hollins, Semih Erden and a one-legged Leon Powe. He was slow on defense. He wasn’t big or strong enough to guard Earl Barron, Jan Vesely, or Chris Singleton (hardly players with polished offensive games who went 9-17 from the floor combined last night). He had two atrocious turnovers that anyone with any semblance of NBA-level athleticism would have avoided. It is clear at this point that Walton simply cannot play at the NBA level anymore. So to refer back to the beginning of this post: why is he getting minutes?

Byron Scott answered that in the press conference after the game. He said that he thinks the second unit feels more comfortable with Walton on the floor and runs the offense better. However, in the 10 minutes Walton was on the court without Kyrie Irving, the Cavaliers scored a grand total of seven points.” [Vecenie/Fear the Sword]


Predicting where the top 50 baseball free agents end up. Guess how many presumed to be Indians. [Dierks/MLB Trade Rumors]


“You think of Anderson Varejao, you think of the goofy 7 foot sideshow Bob who used to clown with Bron back in the day. Not anymore. Not when he’s the first NBA’er to go 23 boards and 9 assists since Sir Charles did it a quarter of a center ago. Sir Andy was the most dominant player on the floor and even had teammate Tristan Thompson going equine on him: “Andy is a horse, man. He might win the Kentucky Derby himself. I might have to saddle up and try to ride him to victory.” [Rome/Jim Rome Show]


“The fullback and tight ends position aren’t glorified blockers in an Urban Meyer-coached offense, though. They are pass catchers and ball carriers, in addition to blockers. Nine games into the season, Boren and Stoneburner have each seen an uptick in production. But Boren is starting at linebacker and Stoneburner is starting at wide receiver.

Who’da thunk it?

Boren’s move was out of necessity. Ohio State had an emergency at linebacker when Etienne Sabino suffered a broken fibula against Nebraska and the replacements struggled to adapt. So in came Boren and tackles appeared. In his first game on defense since high school, Boren led the team with eight tackles at Indiana. He has 20 in three starts.” [Rowland/Eleven Warriors]


Finally, former Cavs guard Delonte West is begging for a job on twitter. [Mahoney/Point Forward]

  • mgbode

    Scott’s assertion about Walton is fine in theory. Walton is a gifted passer. You would think that inserting him at the elbow and allowing him to find open guys would help the flow of the offense that lacks a creator/distributor otherwise. Samuel is not going to help much on offense anyway.

    However, in practice, Walton gives up 10x more on defense than he can ever give on offense. We need to be utilizing Pargo or scouring the D-League for a PG who can just get in the lane and distribute the ball. Nothing fancy here and I’m not expecting to hit gold on the next Jeremy Lin or Isiah Thomas Jr.

  • thenoclist

    Walton is 100% washed up. No more playing time for him, please.

  • Harv 21


  • mgbode

    top50 MLB guys I would want the Indians to make a play on (and think we actually could):

    Edwin Jackson – surprised he is at #7 on that list. i do not think he gets the $15m/year they suggest. I think he’ll get a 4-5yr deal @ $11mil/season. He is likely outside our reach, but is a guy I would consider putting that money towards (29yo).

    Angel Pagan – if he’s really going to go after a 5yr/$60mil deal, then we need to walk away. I like him alot as a player, but he’s a $7-10mil/year guy.

    Mike Napoli – really like the utility between him and Carlos taking the 1B/C and somedays DH slots. It’ll take at least $10mil/year though. We are only going to sign one guy at that rate (I’d prefer Edwin but if he gets too expensive, Napoli is #2 on that list).

    Cody Ross – 31yo, so he doesn’t have the ceiling from his 113OPS+. but, i’d take him on a 2year $10-12mil deal.

    Kevin Youkilis – nothing special and it better be on a cheap deal, but he’d be an improvement over Kotchman offensively.

    Joe Blanton – no, he’s nothing special. yes, he was terrible for the Dodgers after the late season trade. but, he’s an innings eating workhorse who should do pretty well. he’s a $5mil/season type of guy. he’ll likely get passed over on the first couple rounds of FA, so he’s worth keeping tabs on.

    Ichirio Suzuki – it’s not going to happen (he wants to play for a contender after years in Seattle) and someone will likely overpay for his name, but I just like the idea of having Brantley, Choo, and another speedy guy with a good arm in our OF.

    Jeff Keppinger – always liked this guy and he’s sort of a super-utility IF. good enough to start each year, but not good enough to stick with anybody. If we miss on our other 1B options, he is a nice fallback plan.

  • mgbode

    well, that helps with our issue of how to transport weaponry through Northern Virginia. however, I do not believe it solves our issues at backup PG.

  • Harv 21

    Quienes mas macho – Delonte o Sloan? o Pargo? Anybody?
    Smarts, ability, toughness.

  • boomhauertjs

    How come Pronk, Grady, Fauxberto, Kotchman, or Damon aren’t on that list?