While We’re Waiting…Heckert’s draft picks, Irving a superstar


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“Any overall grade for the general manager, though, can hardly be fair unless one addresses one more issue: When Heckert pushed the button on each pick, who else was available? How have key players he should have spotted fared for other teams?

Let’s do some exploring. We’ll be here all day if we go too far, but let’s at least look at some of the high picks.” [Doerschuk/Canton Repository]

Marty Gitlin of CBSSports.com breaks down Browns’ starters and how safe their starting jobs are.[Gitlin/CBSSports.com]

“You know those commercials in which Kyrie Irving dresses up like the Unabomber and hustles some local playground dudes while sideline folks cheer him on and enjoy diet soda? Well, those are far-fetched; everybody knows the Unabomber is an awful basketball player. Kyrie Irving is not an awful basketball player. In fact, at 20 years old, he is quickly emerging as the league’s youngest superstar.” [Goldsberry/Grantland]

Brian Heise at Wahoo’s on First takes a fun look at some vacation ideas for the Indians players and management this offseason: “Chris Antonetti: Part-time job working in the Las-Vegas based pawn shop on the hit History Channel Show Pawn Stars. With his budget limited by ownership and holes to fill all across the roster it looks like it’s going to be another long offseason full of bargain bin shopping for Chris Antonetti. What better way than to learn how to properly appraise another team’s random crap then by learning how to appraise ordinary people’s random crap? Learning the difference between a legit samurai sword and a fake could go a long way in helping him determine who is a legit power hitter and who is…well, a fake. The haggling could also go a long way in improving his skills at the trade table. And as a bonus, he can parlay the Dolan’s money at the blackjack tables on the strip to help increase the payroll. Let’s just hope he doesn’t follow the Homer Simpson method of playing blackjack.” [Heise/Wahoo’s on First]

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Doerschuk article was interesting in particular how well that trade has paid off with Atlanta. He labeled the trade as crazy for Atlanta who last time I checked was 8-0 meanwhile the players the Browns ended up drafting have been less then spectacular and I’m being extremely kind. A team like this one couldn’t afford to do what it did with those picks IMO. As for Doerschuk’s grading, seems off for me I mean Skrins and JMJ received higher grades then Haden? Billy Winn received the highest grade (A) and he was just drafted so perhaps that report that Heckert had contacted other teams about a possible job before the new ownership was official were correct. Sorry Tom I’d take you over the Vince Lombardi of a head coach currently in place but that’s not saying a whole lot. Not much at all.