While We’re Waiting… What a weekend!


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You may have missed these over the holiday weekend. Go back and check them out. Good stuff by our weekenders.

“So in a WFNY study and analysis, I looked at where the Buckeyes rank under the same BCS computer polls plus the Associated Press poll and another national ranking. I break down OSU’s perceived “weak” strength of schedule, the storylines that this formula might be missing, what would be up for grabs in today’s Michigan game and what other oddities I see in this new BCS.” [Rosen/WFNY]

“If it was a certainty that Kyrie did not have the tools to defend, like Mo Williams for example, then you would adjust your expectations and live with it. However, I don’t think that’s the case here with an athletic 20-year-old. I think it’s a combination of Scott not focusing Kyrie’s effort on that end and not holding him accountable enough. When Kyrie gets back in four weeks time, let’s hope he can work to improve on the defensive end.” [Kirk/WFNY]


“I know Dick Jauron’s defense forced eight turnovers. Eight! I know the men in the orange helmets delivered bone-rattling, fumbling-inducing tackles. Seven times, they knocked the ball out. Five times, they recovered.

When Pittsburgh tried to run, the Browns built a wall — the Steelers had one first down and 49 yards on the ground. In the past, teams could chew up the Browns with off-tackle left, off-tackle right, and then right up the middle for big yardage. Not on this day.” [Pluto/Cleveland.com]


Ohio State. The best they are allowed to be. “With that, Ohio State is 12-0, and will finish 12-0. And with Miller qualifying as a seasoned vet next year, they’re also significantly more likely to begin 2013 at the top of the mainstream polls than they are to end 2012 there. At any rate, they’re virtually guaranteed a spot in the top five: Fourteen of 22 starters in today’s game are scheduled to be back, including Miller, top tailback Carlos Hyde, leading receivers Corey Brown and Devin Smith and the top five tacklers on defense. That number does not include the blue-chip defensive line class that highlighted Meyer’s first recruiting class, and spent its first season on campus in substantial backup roles. There’s more previous starting experience off the bench, too.

In Meyer’s second year at Utah, the Utes went 11-0, won the Mountain West going away and blew out Pittsburgh in the Fiesta Bowl. In his second season at Florida, the Gators won the SEC title and blew out Ohio State in the BCS Championship Game. In his second season at Ohio State, he’s going to have a third-year starter tailor-made for his system, against a schedule at least as favorable as the one the Buckeyes just completed.” [Hinton/Sunday Morning QB]


“All heaven had broken loose in Ohio, for the Buckeyes had not only defeated Michigan 26-21, they had become only the sixth team in Ohio State’s 123 years of football to finish a season unbeaten and untied. Amid the glorious sights and sounds capping an unexpected 12-0 season for the Buckeyes arose a thought that must terrorize the rest of the Big Ten: What kind of hell will Urban Meyer unleash upon the league now?” [Jones/Sports on Earth]


Your Ohio State/Michigan GIF headquarters. [Land Grant Holy Land]

  • Natedawg86

    Browns made some great plays on defense yesterday. They really played fundamental football and executed the gameplan. There were a few times that they could have wrapped up, and a few penalties we don’t like to see, but definitely going in the right direction.

  • Garry_Owen

    Those GIFs at LGHL are great. My favorite is watching 3 punk Wolverines in full pads back away from a single Buckeye – and relatively small Buckeye (Roby) at that – with no shoulder pads. Typical behavior for a bunch of skunk badgers.
    Also, check out the link on the same page to the entire Ohio Stadium singing Carmen Ohio. Man, I wish I could have been there!

  • Ctowndawgpound

    Do you realize “We” were 3 points away from going 3-0 against the EVIL EMPIRE this weekend!