While We’re Waiting… Where was Dion?


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“Already enacted is step one; no more Luke Walton. Mr. Walton, you clearly have a good head for the game. May your coaching career bring many successes. This is the most important one; make sure that Kyrie or Andy is on the court at all times. Did you realize that in Andy’s six games, he has played only seventeen minutes without Kyrie? There are two players on the team where I confidently think the opponent can not forge any 12 – 0 runs, and their minutes need dispersed a bit more. If both continue to play 35 minutes per night; start them both, sit Andy with six minutes to go in the first, while Kyrie plays the entire quarter. Sit Kyrie for the first half of the second quarter, with Varejao on the court all twelve minutes. Repeat in the second half.” [Hetrick/Cavs the Blog]


“But the Badgers enter the game on a hot streak. After beginning the season 3-2, Wisconsin has won four of its past five games. “I think there’s ways to stop the run,” Meyer said. “What they do a nice job is just these multitude of shifts, formations and motions that are hard to get gap control or gap security. The good thing is we’ve had a bye week. A lot of time’s been spent on that.”

That’s why three healthy linebackers are a boost to the Ohio State defense. “The three that broke the starting lineup today on Monday is (Ryan) Shazier, Zach Boren and Sabino,” Meyer said. Storm Klein will also be available after missing time with a bulging disc in his back. Still, Meyer isn’t at all satisfied with the level of depth his linebackers have. The other bit of good news on the injury front comes on special teams, where piranha Armani Reeves will return after a brief hiatus. The freshman missed four games with a sprained ankle.” [Rowland/Eleven Warriors]


“Where was Dion Waiters? That’s the question everybody has been asking after the Cleveland Cavaliers lost to the Oklahoma City Thunder 106-91 on Sunday night. To frame it as the ultimate question that stands as the difference between a win and a loss is foolish, but it’s a question worth asking.

After a solid first quarter/half, Waiters played with the starters to begin the second half like usually. Once he was taken out at that point, he was apparently done for the night. He finished after playing just 21:11, significantly less time than the 29 minutes he had been playing in previous games. After the game, reporters asked Byron Scott a particularly loaded question that really doesn’t help us find out why Dion went missing. The question was something to the effect of: “Did you sit Dion because Daniel Gibson was playing so well or was it a “Dion problem”?

Byron answered: “A little of both and I’ll leave it at that.” [Kaczmarek/Fear the Sword]


“The former Raiders owner’s most famous quote was “Just Win Baby!” As the Browns come back after the bye week, the players know there’s only one thing they need to do.

“We want to establish our identity,” Joe Haden said. “We just need to start winning. There’s nothing that can be said, but to just win games.” The Browns are 2-7 and have seven games left on their schedule, starting with the Cowboys this Sunday in Dallas. Ahtyba Rubin says the Browns are working hard to get things right.

“We’re a young team trying to find our way and just trying to get it right,” Rubin said. “Hopefully, this year or next year, will be our year.” Haden says he feels the Browns have to do the little things to find a way to break through.” [Greetham/The OBR]


Finally, a reminder of the last time Braxton Miller played Wisconsin. You’re welcome. [Youtube]

  • mgbode

    I hope that it doesn’t come down to a play like that this year, but man was that a nice play. Thanks.

  • http://twitter.com/cpmack Chris M

    When Waiters gets into spray-n-pray mode with his shot selection, Scott will (and should) bench him for a little while. I don’t think it’s a bad thing, it’s usually the most effective way to get a young player to learn to rotate the ball more and get a better look.

  • Natedawg86

    Hey, as long as we are on the winning side…
    Hope our punter worked on getting the ball off quicker this week. He has been really slow!!

  • BenRM

    I agree with Hetrick that asking the question “Is it a ‘Dion Problem’ is crappy. It feels like the Cleveland media WANTS Dion to fail.

    He came in overweight. I get that, and it is a legitimate stab you can take at the guy. But Dion didn’t draft himself higher than the talking heads thought he should go. He’s having rookie ups & downs. Shocker!

    I wish they would lay off this dude a bit. He’s not a Browns quarterback, after all.

  • mgbode