Browns surprisingly cut ties with DB Patterson

The Cleveland Browns today waived defensive back Dimitri Patterson.

Patterson, who joined the club as an unrestricted free agent in 2011, appeared in seven contests this season with four starts. He totaled 28 tackles and broke up five passes.

Patterson had reportedly opted to not return to the field until he was 100 percent, concerned that video would not appear favorable for future employers if he were attempting to defend passes on an injured ankle.

He was signed to the Browns in the off-season, agreeing to a 3-year, $16.05 million deal — $15 million was paid this year with $6 million guaranteed — but missed the bulk of the regular season with an ankle injury. Given the lack of depth in the Cleveland secondary coupled with the recently signed contract, this move comes as a bit of a surprise.

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  • markn95

    First Heckert guy out the door, more to follow? Also, any coincidence this happened the Monday after his weird Friday presser?

  • Lucas Vaas

    he had 28 tackles and 5 passes broken up…. FOR 15 MILLION DOLLARS! sometimes i just can’t get over the money… you know who could help the poor kids… THAT GUY!

  • subadai

    Why do I suddenly have images of the final act of ‘The Godfather’ running thru my head? Is Heckert gonna get one thru the eye on the massage table or get gunned down in a locked revolving door? I guess that is the only question now.

  • jmgatskiejr

    The only surprise was the deal they gave him in the first place. This guy was burned so badly playing in place of Haden that receivers were excited to line up across from him. After Boldin destroyed him he was delusional enough to claim he played well. I’ll take Buster and his penchant for penalties any day over him.

  • Jaker

    Unfortunately for Heck, he’s going down Sonny style

  • Jaker

    Wait, so how much of that contract is he going to collect? And now I think we all know what position we’re taking care of in round 1

  • Kildawg

    Browns definitely need to draft best CB available now. Skrine is now the nickel corner. With a stud CB2, Brown will have to move to FS to start (stay) on the Browns secondary.

  • Kildawg

    That would be Short-Bus Shurmur. Heck might get the Carlo Rizzi treatment….

  • subadai

    Don’t forget the cannolis!

    Hello, Carlo.

  • Jaker

    Haha yeah that actually fits

  • woofersus

    Yes, it’s most likely a coincidence. They didn’t sour on Patterson because he was a “Heckert guy.” (all but like 6 of them are at this point)

  • BenRM

    I honestly can’t remember this guy ever making a play b/c he was never healthy.

  • Harv 21

    Have no prob with the “team first” message being sent.
    Do wonder if this was one of the first messages sent by Banner after he was briefed about certain injured players. As in, the new sheriff in town doesn’t give a fig about your next contract, we’re trying to win here.

  • markn95

    I was talking about the veterans he brought in, who are typically the most vulnerable to being cut (draftees, particularly recent ones, are usually cheaper and younger). I’d be worried if I were Sheldon Brown, Chris Gocong,Jaqua Parker, etc.

  • woofersus

    I suppose that’s true, and if Heckert is out I’m sure we’ll see at least SOMEBODY prominent let go in whom the new guy just doesn’t see what Heckert saw in terms of potential. I think, though, that because the roster is so young and cheap already any real purge of Heckert’s moves will mark a complete change in system and priorities. (which I really hope doesn’t happen as it means another “5yr plan”) As far as Patterson goes, I just doubt that at this point Heckert isn’t still in control of such decisions. They probably just weren’t happy with his production vs. how much he makes, and he may have been unhappy about his place on the depth chart and started becoming an annoyance.

  • mgbode

    most likely to go if Heckert is gone:



    Eventually, guys like Weeden would be evaluated without any preference at all as well, but I doubt he’d be let go after 1 season regardless of what we do at QB (unless we went to a mobile-QB system and decided Colt was the better backup QB for it and we needed to draft a starter).

    The offense is young/cheap, so that benefits them in that there are not that many older, expensive veterans that Heckert brought in. Lauvao/Pinkston/Greco would probably also be on notice, but I think they are anyways (though we’d likely keep either/both as backups as they are still young&cheap).

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Shurmur reminds me more of Fredo… getting waxed on a boat in the middle of the lake sounds about right.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Greco is the perfect backup… can play any position on the line, so I’d be shocked if he was cut. I could definitely see Lauvao, Pinkston, or both getting the axe. I can’t remember if it was the play where Weeden was clocked or another sack, but I remember seeing the replay and seeing that Lauvao blocked nobody on the play. I’m so done with that guy.

  • mgbode

    they are still cheap though, so they more likely remain as backups as well even if we replace them as starters.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    True, true. I liked Ryan Miller in the preseason, but we were never able to see him play a snap in the regular season… hope he gets to stick around.