Browns up to No. 22 in the PFT power rankings

Pro Football Talk says the Browns are going to “blow their chance at another top-five pick” in proclaiming that the Browns are currently the 22nd best team in the NFL.

Power rankings are for entertainment purposes only, of course, but it is at least a little bit of fun for Browns fans to see their team considered superior to others after pre-season punditry wondered if the Browns could even win a single game this year. So, who, exactly is it that the Browns are ranked ahead of right now?

Who are the unlucky ten?

23. Titans: The team that currently is in Houston gave the owner that used to be in Houston a double-barreled middle finger this season.

24. Lions: Why do they even try to do anything other than give the ball to Calvin Johnson? Oh, wait. They don’t.

25. Jets: Why do they even try?

26. Panthers: Here’s hoping the new G.M. gives Ron Rivera a fair chance to show he can get it done.

27. Cardinals: The passes made by Ryan Lindley are about as effective as the passes Audra Lindley used to make at Norman Fell.

28. Chargers: Speaking of Norman Fell, the guy who likes like him will soon be free to manage an apartment building in L.A.

29. Eagles: At some point, Andy Reid’s final year in Philly will make it impossible for another owner to sell him to a fan base as a viable coaching option.

30. Chiefs: Officially, we’re neutral. Unofficially, we’re Chiefs fans until further notice.

31. Jaguars: It’s time to slay the fatted calf in Jacksonville.

32. Raiders: Not-so-slowly but surely, Mark Davis is proving Mike Silver to be right.

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  • Jay

    Forget the top 5 pick. I wouldn’t care if the Browns won out. Well I would care….I’d be ecstatic.

  • Lyon25

    At some point you have to start winning games to breed the winning culture. Totally agree

  • mgbode

    we might not get a top5 pick if we LOSE out from here

  • Bryan Waddell

    Especially when you consider the Browns have an owner that might spend money on top free agents on a team that’s 7-9.

  • Natedawg86

    Im staring at the last game and smiling, because it will be like our playoff game, possibly ending another teams season