Cleveland Browns Game 13: Winners and Losers


Who caught your eye? Did someone stand out? Who blew it? That’s what were interested in this morning. Winners and losers.

Three wins in a row. A team growing in confidence. There are no losers today. Ok, almost no losers.

WINNER: Travis Benjamin. Which might just make Josh Cribbs the defaut loser. Not simply because Benjamin returned a punt for a score, but because Browns fans saw him return a score. Benjamin is faster. If he can show he has moves and vision on top of it, Cribbs may very well be looking for that next contract somewhere else next season.WINNER: Trent Richardson. No, he didn’t have an outstanding day rushing, but he did score 2 more rushing touchdowns surpassing Jim Brown’s rookie record. He also upped his season rushing total to 869.

LOSER: Montario Hardesty. Ten carries, fifty-two yards. One fumble. That fumble may well have cost him a chance at a touchdown. One step forward, two steps back.

WINNER: Phil Dawson. This is kind of a career achievement type of decision. 300 field goals. That’s some serious kicking. Well done sir.

Alright. Your turn.

  • mgbode

    you think the Texans are going to lose the 1seed? we’ll get in as the 6seed, which means we likely face Houston in the divisional round unless they implode (2 games up on NE heading into tonight – so even if they lose, they still have the edge).

  • The_Matt_Of_Akron

    Well, in all honesty I didn’t think through the seeding when making my pithy reply; however, of the two assumptions in my post:
    1) Browns make the playoffs and proceed to the AFC Title game,
    2) Texans lose a combination of regular season games to end up as a 2 seed that would face us

    You chose the Texans as the “what kind of crazy scenario would have that happening?!?!” I respect your fervor, and back away slowly….

  • mgbode

    today is the day for dreams before they get smashed :)

  • ReplaceYourDoucheJulie

    Yeah, football players and analysts are well known for their excellent spelling and grammar. No, really…

  • DunkNDinky

    3. Distance traveled by Craig Ehlo 3 pointers and free throws

    4. Total length of all Cleveland Indian players penis’s added together 1894-present

  • mgbode is calling you. please stay there.

  • Manshurmer

    Definitely not penis’s… 118 years of teams averaging 30 players a year is 3540 Cleveland Indians. Even with a generous average length of 7 inches we’re only talking about 24,780 inches or 2,065 feet. Thome breaks that distance easily in one season. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ehlo takes this if you count missed 3’s and free throws… Somebody do the math.

  • Garry_Owen

    Gentlemen, I can’t believe I’m about to write this, but it’s “penises,” not “penis’s”. The apostrophe would indicate ownership of something, but I believe your penis obsession has to do with the plural nature of them, and not their property rights.

  • DinkNDunk

    Not every HC can look and act like Bill Cowher. Our guys look and feel and act like they are beginning to “gel.” If replacing the HC messes with that – and you have to assume it will – I think you have to give the devil you know another year. Too bad our rookie QB is 57 years old.

  • HeytonPillis

    But not his money, talent, strength, speed, or wife…

  • Harv 21

    [Yes, we are quality control. But maybe we are more effective when we carefully pick our battles]

  • Dee P

    I just threw up reading this analysis.

  • NoVA Buckeye

    How could anyone forget the XFL’s finest, Tommy Maddox?

  • Luke Stavole

    Very well. And I apologize if it was in bad taste. We all are for the same team anyways.