Michael Lombardi on Browns: “I haven’t talked to anybody”

The Michael Lombardi rumor just won’t go away for whatever reason. There must be at least a couple sources continuing to push this name around. The latest from this past weekend had Lombardi linked to Cleveland with Nick Saban in tow. 92.3 The Fan’s Baskin and Phelps talk to Lombardi every week, and he weighed in (barely, but a little bit) on the latest round of rumors that Andy Baskin playfully confronted him with.

Andy Baskin: “Are you coming with Nick Saban? Can you address those rumors for us please?”

Michael Lombardi: “You know, look. As I’ve said many times on the show, you know, the decisions about what’s going to happen in Cleveland haven’t been made yet. I think only Jimmy Haslam and Joe Banner know those answers. I don’t know those answers. I don’t know where the rumors start from, but I just know that what I’ve read in the papers, I haven’t talked to anybody. And so therefor, just enjoy the Browns three game winning streak and move forward.”

Lombardi went on to talk more about the Browns and where they are with three games left on the schedule.

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  • Harv 21

    ” … the decisions about what’s going to happen in Cleveland haven’t been made yet.”
    Yeah? Now how would you know that, Mike, from your agent’s conversation with Banner? GOTCHA! Maybe you haven’t personally talked to anybody, but … You are so negotiating. I’m writing it up as “sources close to Lombardi confirm initial negotiations have taken place.” OK, somebody go get Heckert’s reaction.

  • cmm13

    Michaal Lombardi on Browns: “I haven’t talked to anbody”
    Cleveland Fans on Michael Lombardi: “Good, let’s keep it that way”

  • dan

    Man, I want this rumor to die. Given the amount of money Haslam paid for the franchise I can’t blame him if he wants to hire someone new for GM or if he wants to restructure the organization is such a way that would require a replacement at GM, but if he’s hiring a new GM he needs to pick someone who is (a) minimally competent, and (b) willing to expand on what progress has been made over the last three years rather than blow the team up again. Lombardi doesn’t seem like someone who meets these qualifications.

  • stryker1121

    I’m ambivalent on Shurms, but Heckert’s picks are looking better and better each week, esp w/ Little and Hardesty making contributions now (Montario’s stone hands aside) along with the the ’12 draft class. Weeden is a question mark, I’ll admit, but I’d like to see another year out of him w/ Gordon, Little and perhaps a good FA wideout.

  • maxfnmloans

    “Browns deny reports of negotiations with Lombardi” because, they’re not negotiating with him, they are negotiating with his agent.

  • paulbip

    How much money would it take Saban to leave Bama?