Pic: Buckeyes’ Assistant Coach Mike Vrabel headbutted player wearing helmet

Mike Vrabel is an intense man. He loves football and Ohio State. He hates Michigan.

Jen Vrabel tweeted a picture this morning of the aftermath of Mike’s pre-game decision to headbutt an Ohio State player- who happened to be wearing a helmet-

We consider this a small price to pay for a Buckeye victory in The Game. (Better him than us though.)

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  • Garry_Owen

    My college coach also did that once. It stunned us more than inspired us. Heads tend to bleed rather profusely and shockingly. Glad this worked for the Buckeyes defense, though.

  • Natedawg86

    Yeah never really got the Hard Headbutt pump up thing. Crap hurts

  • JK

    That’s some issues there Mike….

  • Natedawg86

    Looks like he headbutted a chair or 2×4 someone was holding

  • WJHS

    Walsh Jesuit, baby!