Ravens fire OC Cam Cameron

The Baltimore Ravens fired offensive coordinator Cam Cameron on Monday, a day after Baltimore’s overtime loss at Washington.

Cameron joined the Ravens in 2008 and in his time as offensive coordinator the Ravens offense has finished no worse than 16th in the league. The Ravens offense is currently ranked 9th.

Cameron will be replaced by former Colts’ head coach and current Ravens’ quarterback coach Jim Caldwell. Caldwell also served seven seasons as quarterback coach in Indianapolis prior to being their head man.

  • humboldt

    So this is what it feels like for other teams in our division to see the Browns organizational dysfunction unfold. I could get used to this…

  • mgbode

    hey, why wouldn’t a 9-4 team with a playoff spot clinched fire a co-ordinator and put in his place someone who has never been an OC before and never called plays before. what could go wrong?

  • NamedMyKidPrice

    This is odd…

  • humboldt

    Indeed. It feels like the Browns actually have a chance at breaking their crazy pill habit while the rest of the division declines. Unfortunately, we are still going through the pangs of withdrawal (i.e. the spasmodic Lombardi rumors).

  • mgbode

    what would happen to the NFL if the Browns and Bengals were the best teams in the division in 2013?

  • C-Bus Kevin

    Have fun with this one Ravens fans. What a joke. What kind of message does this send to the players.

    By the way Ravens management. I have news for you. It’s your DEFENSE that is holding you back. I know they’re ranked 10th in points alowed per game, but they’re ranked 25th in yards allowed (right behind Cleveland I might add). Anyone who has watched the Ravens this year knows that their aging defense has routinely let them down in clutch situations. Sometimes the offense saves them…sometimes it doesn’t.

    Overall, I think the Ravens are living in the past when it comes to how they see themselves (as a defense-dominant team). In my humble opinion, this firing proves it.

    “Why aren’t we dominating teams? We KNOW it’s not the defense, because the defense is the best in the league, so it MUST be the offense. Fire our coordinator…that guy with the same name twice…I want to say, Kurt Kurterson?”

    Loving this…