WFNY Podcast – 2012-12-05 – As much Brian Spaeth as you can handle

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This is a very different kind of WFNY podcast. As opposed to when we talk Cleveland sports current events instead this time I grabbed Brian Spaeth to talk about whatever came up. Brian is an Internet staple and he has tons of projects out there that are worthy of promotion, so here goes… First and foremost you can find him on Twitter and you can also check out his website / Blog You can subscribe to Brian’s podcast on iTunes. You can watch the kids Youtube show Turtlecalls that I did with Brian as well. Probably most importantly, if you want to read Brian’s most recent book you can find it at Amazon. Man that’s a lot of stuff, but all of it worthy of checking out.

We ended up talking about:

  • Sports media
  • The troubles of the Plain Dealer and what the future might look like
  • Brian’s plan to fix the PD
  • The Bleacher Report – Deadspin – Huffington Post
  • Brian’s inability to capitalize on momentum with his projects
  • Brian takes a break to answer the door for an Amazon delivery of The Dark Knight Rises
  • Brian’s collection of movies and books that he’s never watched or read
  • Buying website URLs with no actual plan to follow through with the businesses
  • Marketing and branding the Cleveland Browns
  • Jimmy Haslam and what he should do as a new owner of the team

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  • Scott @ WFNY

    This may be the first podcast, ever, that I’ll listen to multiple times. Well done, guys. Entertaining from front to back.

  • Denny


  • thelonius7

    He is wrong about Terry Pluto. I just appreciate his perspective and experience. He is the last of a dying breed. You dont really need behind the scenes investigative journalism to be valuable. You need to have strong analysis. This is why the PD is pretty much useless. They have very little to say that I couldnt have thought of myself.