WFNY Podcast – 2012-12-17 – Scott and Craig talk Browns losses and the end of the season

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At least the three game win streak was fun, right? Right? The talk about Pat Shurmur and continuity built to its crescendo on Saturday before dropping directly off the table with an ugly loss to the Redskins. Anyway, Scott and I took on these Browns and touched on the following.

  • Who knew that London Fletcher was such a jerk?
  • Discussion of the arrests of Fletcher’s family members following the Browns game at the stadium
  • Weeden and just how bad a day it was for the QB
  • Pat Shurmur and how much he might be scaring Weeden
  • Concern about Trent Richardson or just appalled at his minuscule two carries in the second half?
  • Did the defense play well? Can you say that when the D gave up 38 points?
  • Kirk Cousins and the coaching staff that played to the team’s strengths and away from their weaknesses all year long
  • How that contrasts with Pat Shurmur and his unbending offense
  • Colt McCoy and how pointless talk about him really is
  • Is it time to talk about the NFL draft?
  • Tom Heckert vs. Joe Banner and the war of words
  • Will this Browns team be able to treat the final game against the Steelers like the Super Bowl it is for the fans?
  • And much much more…


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