WFNY Podcast – 2012-12-19 – Craig and Scott talk Brian Brennan and a bit about Alec Scheiner

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Scott’s been working on a feature-length piece on Brian Brennan for a while, and unleashes it on the world today. So, we decided to devote a bit of podcast time to talking about it as it isn’t a post style that is the norm around WFNY. Here’s a bit about what we talked about…

  • Brian Brennan is still a Clevelander but few actually know about it
  • Scott heard Brian Brennan give a speech
  • Interviewing the people around Brian Brennan
  • Missing out on Doug Flutie
  • Missing out on Brian himself
  • Longer features vs. what we normally do at WFNY
  • Browns hiring Alec Scheiner and what it means
  • The game experience for fans at Cleveland Browns Stadium
  • Comparing it to experiences at the Cavs and Indians games
  • Can you put fans in the seats with experience, but without success on the field?

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